Фокус на прикус: как улучшить эстетику лица и общее здоровье

According to statistics, bite problems occur in 90% of people. A flawless smile and straight teeth - all this is important to us not only for the sake of aesthetics, the problem is much more global. Behind the wrong bite - unwanted changes in the maxillofacial zone, violations of the function of breathing, chewing, speech, posture suffers, caries appears.

Live on the estet_portal Instagram account, we talked with Kseny Pushkina, an orthodontist, who shared useful information about solving problems with malocclusion and maintaining dental health.

Child's malocclusion: when to go for an orthodontist checkup

The task of the orthodontist in children – grow the jaw "forward", in the right direction so that there is no vertical growth. Orthodontist performs the necessary dental manipulations to normalize the position of the jaw, or if possible, to actively influence its growth, restore the function of swallowing and breathing.  The correct position of the jaw — it is the basis of beauty and health.

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Parents should take into account all the factors of their child's development. At the moment of feeding, the child presses the nipple to the palate with his tongue, because of this, the growth of the upper jaw occurs. When choosing a pacifier for a child, flat orthodontic pacifiers should be preferred to minimize the effects of suckling. 


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Ksenia recommends to start complementary feeding of a child not with soft purees or cereals, but with solid food:

"All WHO recommendations are not related to physiology, this is the pure formation of pathology in a child. It is necessary to follow the ancient path, to introduce complementary foods with solid food. This is exactly the way in which we can train the jaw muscles in a child. The jaws and muscles will work, the teeth will chew, which will ultimately help form the correct bite».

The first preventive trip of a child to an orthodontist should be at 4.5 - 5 years. At this age, it is already possible to assess whether there are any violations in the formation of the jaw and bite.

If a child has perfectly even milk teeth, between which there are no gaps or there are few of them, then with a probability of 99% the main teeth will be crooked. It also depends on how the child swallows, how the tongue is located at rest, whether the tongue rests on the front teeth, whether it sleeps with its mouth open.

Pasta, bananas, meatballs, mango – these are the foods that do not need to be chewed hard. Such a diet causes problems in the development of the jaw in the child.

At an early age, the jaws with milk teeth must grow so that they are ready for permanent teeth. Don't delay! It is best to carry out functional orthodontic treatment in childhood, when all systems are mobile, the desired result is quickly achieved.  

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As for adults, if you have straight teeth, it does not mean that you have a correct bite. In adult problems with occlusion can cause the neck of the tooth to be exposed and the gums to recede. If your teeth are turned, the load is not distributed correctly, the tooth hits the tooth – bone tissue can not withstand such a load and begins to dissolve. There are wedge-shaped defects and the formation of caries in the exposed areas. So going to an orthodontist is not such a bad idea, even if you have no worries.

White and Safe: Can Whitening Pastes Really Help You Get a Hollywood Smile

Compulsory hygiene products must be provided in the following strict order:

1. Flossing (evening only)

2. Toothbrush 

3. Toothpaste 

4. Tongue scraper 

These hygiene procedures must be done in the morning and in the evening. You can also add to this list the use of an irrigator to cleanse the oral cavity. Irrigator — This is an air-water jet that cleans the space between the teeth. If there are retainers on the lower jaw, the teeth should be cleaned with dental floss and go to professional hygiene.


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Whitening — This is a chemical process that whitens teeth. Whitening tooth pastes cannot give such a reaction. In these pastes, the composition may contain an abrasive, in the worst case, it is a substance with very large particles that erase tooth enamel. This process is called "brightening" which wears away plaque from the protective layer of the teeth. There are also pastes with an enzymatic brightening system that break down plaque, giving teeth a lighter shade, but this is also not whitening, as tooth enamel suffers.

Whitening must be done at a dental clinic. Before whitening, the teeth are prepared with the help of professional hygiene and strengthening of the enamel.

To keep your teeth whitening for a long time, you can use an enzyme-based toothpaste and have regular professional hygiene appointments. It is worth eliminating coloring substances from consumption or reducing their amount (for example, coffee).

You can also whiten with special whitening strips. They need to be treated with special attention, studying the composition of the bleaching agent. It is best to consult your dentist, as professional hygiene is also required before using them.

It is good to chew gum after dinner. But ordinary gum from supermarkets will not work, especially if they contain sugar. It should be chewing gums with xylitol, which will save teeth from caries. For example, the Scandinavian countries, Japan, Korea switched to xylitol prophylaxis. For teeth chewing gum – this is a good additional load on the chewing muscles, an additional chewing function. 

Headache and malocclusion – what is the connection

Breath — this is the most important function of the body, our jaws serve to preserve the proper functioning of the airways in the neck, where on the one hand they are protected by the spine, and on the other hand – they are protected by their jaws. 

If a child or an adult's jaws at the time of development are not sufficiently forward and are in the posterior position – with this arrangement of the jaws, the respiratory channels are partially pinched, which leads to a violation of the breathing process. As a result of such violations, a person feels tired during the day, deprived of strength in the morning, has difficulty waking up. 


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A malocclusion can be cause of headaches. The jaws are the ligamentous apparatus with the neck. With correct posture, the tragus of the ear should be in the middle of the shoulder, so the load is distributed normally, not a single organ is overstressed. But when a person stoops, pushing the neck forward by 2.5 cm, the lower jaw moves back. For every 2.5 cm extension from the norm – it is +5 kg. to the cervical spine. Usually the extension of the neck is in the range of 5 cm and amounts to its load of 10 kg. As a result, the muscles and spine are strained.

A beautiful smile is a sign of health and beauty. Most of us have had experience with orthodontic intervention and this is normal. Do not forget that an interdisciplinary and integrated approach to treatment gives us every chance of successfully solving the problem. In order to make the correct diagnosis and provide the necessary treatment, the orthodontist collaborates with a dentist, osteopath, kinesiologist, surgeon (in exceptional cases), nutritionist. Therefore, our smile is in safe hands.

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