Healthy sleep can provide not only quality rest, but also guarantee excellent health. But its violation threatens to strike at the immune system, which will not be slow to affect the entire body. We bring to your attention recipes that will help you fall asleep quickly and relieve insomnia.

A Midsummer Night's Dream: Balanced Diet and Aromatic Baths

Don't skimp on sleep. Sleep needs vary from person to person, but the average sleep requirement is at least 8 hours. The desire to save time by trying to complete a complex project or prepare an urgent report can be detrimental not only to health, but also to career. So you can only guarantee yourself chronic incompleteness of all your projects.

• Track your most comfortable sleep time and follow it.
Balance your diet. This will help you fall asleep quickly in the evening and wake up easily in the morning. The body also needs rest, so you should not force it to digest something heavy and high-calorie at night.
• Eat dinner four hours before bed.
• Load up on protein foods or vegetable salads. The first appear under low-fat yogurt, fish, eggs, yogurt.
Enter rest states. The science of relaxation implies the absence of irritants, which can be social networks or watching TV. Instead, open the book. And do not forget to soak in the bath with essential oils. It will help relieve stress.
• Lying in bed, tighten all the muscles, from the head to the toes, and then relax. This will help to achieve absolute rest of the body.

Sleeping place: more oxygen, less work

Fresh linen and a cozy bedroom. The bedroom should be quiet, the mattress — quality, and bed linen — fresh. Keep it fresh, air conditioners will help with this. Add them during washing.
• Place sprigs of lavender between sheets while storing them, or sprinkle a few drops of essential oils on them to add fragrance.
Inhale deeply. A person can spend an anxious night and wake up with a headache in the morning just because the bedroom was stuffy. This is due to — violation of the body's natural cooling mechanism due to a hot room.
• The temperature in the bedroom should not exceed 20°C.
• Ventilate the bedroom before going to bed or leave the window open at night.

4 effective ways to get rid of insomnia

Method #1. Have a brainstorm. If thoughts do not let you sleep, transfer them to paper. Write down the problems in one column, and in the adjacent — options for their solutions. Continue until you feel sleepy.

Method #2: Meditate. This — good way to fight insomnia. Lying on your back, close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing: the movement of air should go from the nostrils to the diaphragm and back. Such an exercise helps to relax the mind as well.

Method number 3. Don't lie in bed! If you don’t feel sleepy, get up, otherwise in the future the bed will cause you to associate with insomnia. Sit in a chair, turn on quiet, calm music, read a scientific journal or book. And as soon as you feel the approach of sleep, return to bed.

Method #4: Give up homework. Even if you saw the dust accumulated over a month under the sofa, you should not jump up and grab a rag. The satisfaction of a job well done will give your brain a subconscious circuitry that will wake you up at night for useful things.


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