Non-verbal communication techniques: 6 ways to win over a person

In any work or in friendly communication, the ability to win over a person and achieve his loyalty will be useful. This is quite simple to do, using the main human weaknesses and psychological points, according to our portal. If you know how to use them, you can easily find contact with anyone, even the most closed person, and be able to set him up positively towards yourself. Also, gaining confidence in any person will not be a problem for you. Below are the most important tips for getting to know yourself.

How to win over any person

Sometimes we face a difficult task - for example, to make a person's attitude towards us loyal in order to make a deal with him. It is much easier to arrange a person who is coming towards you than one who is wary. Therefore, the special services have long come up with psychological methods of how to win over a person, and they successfully use them in their practice. Now you have such an opportunity.

Let the person feel that you are not perfect

The feeling of self-doubt is inherent in each of us. We often idealize those people with whom we communicate, thinking that they are better and more successful in some way. If you erase this line, showing people that you are the same as them or even imperfect in some way, then it becomes easier for you to communicate with them.

An example could be given. A professor at an institute deliberately makes mistakes in his lectures, allowing his students to correct him. By doing this, he achieves three results in communicating with students:

  • allows them to feel more confident,
  • communication is moving to a less official level,
  • shows them that he too can make mistakes and empowers them to make their own mistakes without fear.

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Try to be genuinely interested in other people

The most important thing for any person in life – it is himself. Human psychology is such that by nature we are still egoists. If you decide to gain trust from someone, you should amuse his Ego and talk & nbsp; about himself. We often do not know how to listen to our interlocutor, pouring out our problems on him.

If you sincerely talk to a person about what worries him, you can be sure of the future loyalty of your opponent.

 Any topic of conversation will do:

  • children,
  • work,
  • biography facts.

Everything that your interlocutor intends to tell you, listen carefully and with sincere interest.

Compliments from third parties

Sometimes, trying to win over a person, we give him direct compliments, but they  may be perceived by them as a toady. If you are sending a compliment from a person whom he respects or considers his professional qualities, then the compliment will look more natural and organic.

For example, when making a compliment to your opponent, you can refer to your mutual friend: "Ivan Ivanovich highly appreciated your professional qualities in this matter." So you not only raise the importance of a person, but also convince him that he is a professional in any business. And this is very important for the self-esteem of any person.


Sympathy – the main factor on the way to trust

If you can sincerely sympathize with a person – this is already half the success. Even the strongest people will never be hindered by the care and warm support of others. It’s not worth pitying a constantly whining person, but showing sympathy or showing that you are not indifferent to the situation is worth it.

The main factor that works in this case – You show that you are not indifferent to the situation and appreciate that he coped with it. Sharing a feeling of bitterness with a person, you naturally come to trust him.

Ask someone to do you a favor

If you ask a person for an insignificant service, and he provides it to you, he, first of all, grows in his own eyes. He develops a sense of self-worth.

People who have done you a favor once are more likely to agree to do something for you in subsequent times, if you do not abuse their courtesy.

Psychologists have long noticed that the person who has rendered you a favor is more loyal than the one who asked for your favor.

Because, turning to your help, he feels his dependence on the fact that you helped him in something, and he gets a feeling of discomfort.

Get people to praise themselves

The ability to transfer the conversation to the side of the interlocutor – this is great art. And make him pay a compliment to himself – this is aerobatics. For example, if your opponent has solved a very important problem, you can say that he did well and deserves a reward. In response, you will certainly hear how he worked hard, and everything he did was worth a lot of effort, but he did it.

By taking the conversation in this direction, you force the interlocutor to praise himself, without resorting to flattery on your part. Everything happens naturally, and your opponent shows loyalty to you.

In such simple ways you can win over any person, notes

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