Как распределить время: дельные советы

How often have you had to think that the day has passed and nothing really important has been done?

The feeling that 24 hours a day is not enough to do everything haunts many of us.

Work, household chores, meeting friends, creative plans – how to allocate time in such a way that really everything can be done? estet-portal.com will tell you about the basics of time management.

This art will help you not only to spend every minute efficiently, to cope with tasks at work and not to put off important things for later. It will help you determine where exactly you are wasting precious time, spending it on little things that you are trying to forget about.

1.    Why can't you do everything on time
2. How to allocate time: learning how to manage it effectively

Why can't you do everything on time

You don't have to be a time management guru to be able to do everything on time. At a minimum, it is enough to know where you are wasting this time.

Very often, the reasons for being late and inability to complete the task on time lie in the details. And we tend to ignore them. But such little things "eat up" a solid part of our time.

Therefore, before moving on to improving efficiency, let's look at the reasons that lead to time pressure:

1.    Hurry. make people laugh" not in vain was invented by our ancestors. During the rush, a person loses the ability to qualitatively concentrate on what is happening. As a result – mistakes, forgetfulness, neglect of details. Outcome – will have to start over and redo. Therefore, try to don't put things off by the deadline so that you don't waste time later.

2.    Fussiness – it is nothing more than the inability to organize your actions and plan your day. A person grabs first one thing, then another, often does not bring what he has begun to the end. This creates chaos and the quality of work suffers.

3.    No action plan. Get into the habit of planning your day or evening, scheduling things in order of importance. This is especially important if you suffer from forgetfulness for some reason. Just keep a to-do list, do the important ones first, and once the task is done – cross it out.

4.    Not serious approach – performing a task without due enthusiasm, a person often makes mistakes, neglects the rules. Result – time wasted, and the work will have to be redone again, taking into account all requirements.

5.    Distractions – social networks, telephone conversations, TV, articles on the Internet. All this makes it difficult to concentrate on work, distracts, knocks out of the rhythm. Train yourself to temporarily forget about social networks and communication until you complete the task.

Pay attention to all these points, analyze the conditions in which your working day passes, how often you are distracted by the social media feed, flipping through pictures on the Internet, whether you are making a plan for the upcoming day.

You will be surprised when you find out – how much time is spent aimlessly on all sorts of little things.

The answer to the question "How to allocate time?" you should start by eliminating typical – haste, fussiness, lack of planning. Also "steal" social network time and telephone conversations – therefore, forget about them for the duration of your business.

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How to allocate time: learning how to manage it effectively

When the errors described above have been analyzed and corrected, it's time to learn how to improve your own efficiency.

Next, you will learn about techniques and methods that help you get more done in a day than usual, have time to do everything on time and not procrastinate.

So, how to allocate time correctly:

1.    Schedule and take notes – make a list of tasks for the coming day, not only "in your head", but also write it down. You can do this using a regular paper notepad or using applications for your smartphone and tablet.

2.    Structure time – to minimize the harm from force majeure, plan everything with a margin. This will allow you to do everything on time, even if guests unexpectedly turn up or there is a power failure.

3.    Correct mood – if it comes to work duties, motivate yourself with a future salary or fee. Also allow yourself small weaknesses – for example, for a job well done, treat yourself to a cake or a cup of coffee.

4.    Quality equipment – both in the workplace and at home, modern technology plays an important role. It allows you to complete tasks faster, saves time.

5.    Clear timeframes – Set clear deadlines for completing each task. For example, a complex task should be ready in 1.5-2 hours, and an easier – 40 minutes later.

Of course, these are general rules that tell how to allocate time. You can "customize" them for you, based on the characteristics of your work and life.

Planning, keeping records, setting deadlines, positive attitude and quality equipment for different tasks – all this will help to cope with work, household needs and personal plans in time.

To know how to distribute time correctly, how to cope with everything in a multitasking environment it doesn't take a long time to learn this or know some magical secrets!

It is enough to understand how much time per day you spend on unimportant things – social networks, reading yellow press, watching TV shows, telephone conversations, etc. After that, reduce their daily presence by paying attention to planning.

For each task, set a clear time by which it must be ready. Don't forget to allocate your time so that you don't leave things to the last minute. This will help to avoid haste and prevent force majeure situations.

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