Почему у вас плохие ногти и как это исправить

Nails — these are horny plates formed from the cells of the epidermis. Normally, they are strong, uniform, pink in color. Under the influence of various factors, the nail plate can deteriorate: spots, wavy grooves, longitudinal and transverse cracks appear. Sometimes bad nails indicate health problems, but more often it is associated with improper manicure and bad habits. In this article we understand why nails deteriorate and how to fix it.

And bummer again: what to do if your nails often break

Break a nail — one of the most annoying annoyances. Not only does it hurt, but also the whole manicure will have to be redone. Why is this happening? To begin with, let's understand the structure of the nail plate.

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The nail is formed from keratin, a protein from which hair is also formed. The nail plate is not integral, the keratin layers are interconnected by molecules of fat and water. If the water-lipid balance is disturbed, then the bonds between keratin cells break up and the nails begin to exfoliate and break. Such an imbalance can be caused by:

  • frequent handwashing in hot water;

  • contact with aggressive detergents;

  • use of acetone-based nail polish removers;

  • constant disinfection and antiseptic treatment of hands (relevant for medical workers).

To keep your nails from peeling, you need to accustom yourself to do any chores around the house only with gloves. You also need to frequently moisturize the cuticles using oils and balms. The "sealing" procedure helps a lot. nail plate with special wax. A thin layer of wax with the help of a polishing buff is rubbed into the nail and fastens it. As a last resort, you can do nail lamination in the salon. This procedure consists in applying a thin layer of boost gel to the nail, which protects the plate from external influences.

In rare cases, bad nails indicate a lack of vitamin H, which regulates fat metabolism, and is also a supplier of elements necessary for the construction of keratin. Brittle nails, hair loss, dry skin — these signs indicate vitamin deficiency. You can drink a course of biotin, but it's better to consult with your doctor beforehand.

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The nail worries once: why cracks and irregularities appear

Bumpy nails look ugly, and, what's the most offensive, you can't fix it with a bright manicure. Filing and grinding the nail plate is also not an option. This leads to thinning and brittleness of the nails, so it is better to deal with the cause rather than the effect.

Longitudinal and  transverse grooves on nails most often appear as a result of inaccurate manicure. At the very base (in the cuticle growth zone) the nail plate is thin and very easy to damage. If you diligently cut the cuticle, with an effort to cut out the coating in this area, you can injure the root of the nail. In the place of deformation, the layer of cells will transform and the plate will grow uneven. In order not to complain about bad nails in the future, it is better to switch to unedged manicure as soon as possible.

Fungal infections also contribute to uneven nails. In this case, in addition to ribbing, several more symptoms should appear: thickening of the nails, delamination, discoloration, departure of the nail from its bed. Itching and  unpleasant, painful sensations also indicate an infection.

It is not always possible to remove the grooves on nails. If the injury to the nail matrix was minor and one-time, then there is a chance that the unevenness will “grow together” over time. But  regular aggressive impact on growth zone can lead to irreversible changes. In this case, you need to use self-leveling nail bases or polish your nails with special buffs.

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5 rules to help repair bad nails

The thickness and shape of nails are determined by genetic factors and we cannot influence them. But even thin and short nails look attractive if they are smooth and shiny. Making bad nails beautiful is possible, and 90% success depends on discipline. Follow these simple rules and your nails will thank you.

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  • All "aquatic" do housework (washing, washing) with gloves.

  • Constantly moisturize your cuticles. Buy a few special cuticle oil pencils to keep handy at at home at work.

  • Use scissors and a file to shape your nails. Do not file wet nails, this will lead to delamination. When filing, move the nail file in one direction.

  • Abrasivity file for natural nails should start from 180 grit. For thin and flexible nails — from 240 grit.

  • Don't bite the burrs, better  — do not allow them to appear by removing dry cuticles in a timely manner. Give preference to unedged manicure.

Remember, a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle may not affect the general condition of your nails. With a general lack of vitamins and microelements, nails get them according to the residual principle. Therefore, it is important not only to do manicures and pedicures in a timely manner, but and monitor your diet, if necessary, take vitamins.

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