Even if you don't know Jenny Longworth's name, you've probably come across her work. She is the author of the most enviable nail designs and has worked with world famous stars such as Jessie J, Edie Campbell and Rihanna. Jenny Longworth shared how to get her nails the right way. 

STEP 1. File your nails and make sure you remove any old polish. The shape of the nails doesn't really matter, but I like it if it mirrors the shape of the cuticle. You can file your nails in any direction using a quality and soft nail file. If the nail file is hard, file your nails in only one direction to avoid delamination. 

STEP 2. Polishing – this is good. It makes the nail smoother, as a result of which the varnish will last longer on the nails. However, be careful not to overdo it, otherwise you will damage the nail. If you have furrows on your nails, you may want to remove them completely, but don't – this will weaken the nail. And whatever you do, try not to cut your cuticles. You can gently push it aside with a stick, and leave the rest to the professionals. 

STEP 3. Remove any grease or oil from the nails to help the polish adhere better. Soak a cotton pad with nail polish remover and use it to push back cuticles and clean the free edge of the nail. 

STEP 4. If you are using a base coat, now is the time to do so. However, if you are using a product like Revlon ColorStay Gel Envy, no base polish is required as this product is formulated specifically to apply evenly to the nail. 

STEP 5. Try to apply the nail polish in three brush strokes. The first stroke should be from the middle down, and the next – down each side. It is important that the varnish is on one side of the brush and does not overload it. For professional coverage, you need to place a brush with varnish on the nail near the cuticle, and then press it as close to the cuticle as possible without touching it. If the varnish gets on the cuticle, it looks sloppy. 

STEP 6. To avoid smearing the nail polish, start painting your nails from the little finger, and then move towards the thumb. Thus, the painted nails will not touch each other, and the varnish will not be smeared. 

STEP 7. After applying the first coat of varnish, you can safely apply the second coat. No need to wait for the first coat to dry. 

STEP 8. Before fixing the varnish with a coating, it is necessary to align the edges of the varnish. Use a small, hard makeup brush dipped in nail polish remover to wipe away rough edges and remove polish from skin. 

STEP 9. Apply top coat. In this case, it is necessary to press on the brush weaker than when applying varnish. Make sure you cover the tip of the nail as well to avoid peeling off the polish. 

STEP 10. Wait two minutes and then coat your nails with quick dry top coat. High-quality coatings contain oil, which moisturizes the skin around the nail, and also helps the varnish dry quickly. That's it! Now you know how to make the perfect manicure. 

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