Мастопексия: показания к операции и проведение

Beautiful firm breasts – the pride of every woman. But it happens that the bust loses its shape after childbirth and feeding, due to sudden weight loss or weight surges.

It also happens that the bust has birth defects – disproportionate, ugly shape. This can be corrected with the help of surgery, because no physical exercises will help correct such significant problems.

Mastopexy – surgical intervention to tighten the skin of the breast, eliminate sagging and restore shape. And if you are in doubt or have not yet decided on the operation, then today we will tell you in detail about it.

From this article on estet-portal.com You will learn about the features of the procedure, preparation for it, indications and contraindications.

1. Breast lift: benefits and indications for surgery
2. When is a Breast Lift Really Needed
3. Mastopexy: features of the operation and preparation for it

Breast lift: benefits and indications for surgery

The breast changes its appearance over time, also due to the bearing and feeding of a child, with a sharp increase or loss of weight. This happens due to changes in the structure of the glandular tissue, stretching of the skin and its sagging, hormonal problems. There is also a congenital asymmetric bust shape.

All this makes the appearance of the mammary glands unaesthetic, and the woman begins to complex, loses confidence in her attractiveness.

Breast lift can eliminate even severe sagging. After the procedure, there will be no such complications that may occur when installing an implant.

This operation does not have severe complications or a difficult period of rehabilitation. This is its main advantage over surgical breast augmentation.

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When is a breast lift really needed

Mastopexy will not change the size of the breast, but it will correct its shape and restore an attractive appearance. Like any operation, it has indications for carrying out.

A bust lift is required in the following cases:

• loss of shape and firmness, sagging breasts;

• congenital or acquired asymmetry of glands;

• elongated shape, pronounced drooping of breast nipples;

• loss of shape as a result of sudden weight loss or weight gain;

• breast sagging after nursing period;

• stretch marks on the skin.

There are no age restrictions for mastopexy – it can be performed at any age when it becomes necessary to correct the shape of the bust.

Mastopexy is indicated if the asymmetrical shape of the breast – congenital. Such an operation can be done from the age of 18.

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Mastopexy: features of the operation and preparation for it

During the operation, the surgeon does not change the size of the breast, but puts its shape in order, making it proportional, aesthetic. It returns the shape of the contours of the bust, making it elastic and toned. As a result, the breasts get an attractive appearance and harmonious proportions.

This operation is carried out in several stages:

• areolas and nipples are pulled up to their natural position;

• the surgeon removes the stretched skin in the lower part of the chest;

• breast tissue is moved upwards, fixed in the pectoral muscle;

• suturing.

General anesthesia is used during the intervention. Like any operation, mastopexy  requires preparation and thorough examination.

So, the doctor will prescribe the following procedures:

• blood test for coagulation, group and Rh factor;

• clinical analysis of urine and blood;

mammography and consultation with a mammologist, gynecologist;

• testing for HIV, hepatitis;

• fluorography;

• blood glucose and urea analysis.

If one of the tests reveals a problem, then the intervention should be abandoned for a while until the condition returns to normal. On the day of the operation itself, it is forbidden to eat, and two hours before the operation, you can not drink water.

Seven days before surgery, stop taking anti-clotting drugs, do not take vitamin E, do not smoke.

Mastopexy will solve the problem of unaesthetic appearance of the breast. Such an operation allows you to adjust the shape, remove sagging and sagging. The surgeon returns the natural contours of the bust, youth and elasticity. The operation is shown in a number of cases – after a period of feeding, a sharp loss or weight gain, congenital asymmetry of the mammary glands. The result will be self-confidence, which women often lose because of the unattractiveness of the bust.

The operation requires careful preparation – testing, examinations, smoking cessation and certain medications.

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