Опасно ли отбеливание зубов в домашних условиях: мнение стоматолога

What methods of whitening are there, teeth whitening at home: harm and benefit, is it possible to use a toothpick – these are some of the most relevant queries on Google under the tag "dentistry". But on the Internet, as we know, anything can be written, and most often room connoisseurs pass themselves off as experts.

In order not to mislead our readers and dispel doubts, the editors of estet-portal interviewed dentist Victoria Aleksandrovskaya, who gave answers to the most pressing questions about dental care.

Teeth whitening at home: fear has big eyes

Probably, many people have a fear of dentists since childhood. Children's fantasy draws the image of a terrible uncle or a formidable aunt who has a scalpel in one hand and a chainsaw in the other and there is a lot of blood around. Therefore, many refuse to go to the dentist and resort to his services only when it is too late.

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Victoria Alexandrovskaya – a dentist will answer the most pressing questions and give recommendations on home dental care, as well as dispel myths about whitening at home .

Whitening in a dental clinic

VA: What is teeth whitening?

The benefits of teeth whitening are mostly cosmetic. The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry reports that 96% of adults believe that perfect smiles make members of the opposite sex more attractive, and 74% of adults believe that unattractive smiles interfere with employment. The confidence that often comes with a whiter smile is another key benefit of teeth whitening.

Teeth whitening can cause several side effects. Tooth sensitivity and gum irritation may occur. However, gum irritation is usually caused by inappropriate whitening baths (and not by the whitening agent itself),

One 2014 review reported that strong bleaching agents can cause soft tissue (gums) burns, a burning sensation in the throat and upset stomach. The review also notes that there is still controversy as to whether teeth whitening affects the physical structure of teeth, including enamel.My default image

Home Teeth Cleaning

I whiten my teeth with Magic Smile technology. Before proceeding with Magic Smile teeth whitening, it is recommended to carry out professional oral hygiene procedures (professional teeth cleaning) and the necessary therapeutic treatment (for example, eliminate foci of caries, inflamed gums and other problems).

(citrus fruits, smoothies).

Teeth whitening at home: what are the risks


What only the Internet does not write about all sorts of whitening techniques. Let's take a look and compare! Soda and peroxide are bad for enamel. Then spend more money on the restoration and treatment of your teeth. Charcoal toothpastes have the same meaning, only the price is higher. Favorite whitening strips – the composition is unknown and you can often stumble upon a fake, but this is not at all safe for your health - you can damage your gums. I have one client crying crocodile tears after whitening strips because she couldn't eat or drink anything.

Teeth whitening at home

At home, there is only one whitening method that is really safe, but again, only under the guidance of a doctor – these are dental caps. The patient comes to the clinic, with the doctor chooses the desired color of the teeth, which he wants to get in the end, casts of his teeth are made for the patient, followed by mouth guards that he will wear at home. Strictly for each patient, a gel is selected, which is applied under the caps.

Why should mouthguards be made specifically for each patient? Because if the caps do not fit snugly to the teeth, the gel can leak out and a burn of the oral mucosa is formed. Therefore, this issue must be taken seriously, because, as they say, "the miser pays twice." Usually for two weeks the patient wears mouthguards several times a day or at night. And then for maintenance therapy, mouth guards are worn once a month.My default image

Teeth Alignment Caps

Dental whitening and whitening with individual caps and gel get a solid five. Everything is done under the supervision of a specialist. Both treatments are long lasting

if maintained!

Rules for dental care at home


It is imperative to visit the dentist twice a year. In order for the dentist to recommend an individual toothbrush and paste, it is necessary to change them every 2-3 months. Use floss (dental floss) and never use toothpicks. Brush your teeth twice a day. Oral hygiene at least once a year, that is, it is necessary to visit the dentist even if nothing bothers you. Use mouth rinses. I advise you to buy irrigators for the oral cavity. At least use them before going to bed. 

My default image In general, the rules for caring for your teeth are very simple. Without bigotry, don't google "teeth whitening at home". Main – Do not be lazy and do not be afraid of dentists!

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