Гормон сна и долгой жизни: чем грозит недостаток мелатонина

Melatonin or the so-called sleep hormone was discovered in 1958 by the American dermatologist Aaron Busen Lerner. It is called the sleep hormone because during a person's stay in a dream, its concentration increases. The peak of growth occurs from the moment of falling asleep until two in the morning, and by five in the morning — concentration drops sharply. Melatonin, as it were, synchronizes the work of our body depending on the light. If light hits the retina of the eye, melatonin decreases, and for a turn.

The editors of the estet-portal figured out what are the features of the sleep hormone and what is its importance for a person.

The main functions of the sleep hormone melatonin

The production of the sleep hormone is completely dependent on light. It is a natural sleeping pill and controls the process of falling asleep and sound sleep. If you decide to scroll through the Instagram feed one more time before going to bed, be prepared for the fact that you will fall asleep for a long time. Also at night - if you wake up and turn on the light, the level of melatonin drops sharply, and it may be difficult for you to quickly return to the state of sleep.

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Relatively recently, researchers have proven the effect of melatonin as an antioxidant. During times of stress, it protects DNA molecules and reduces the emotional reactivity of the nervous system. Thus, the sleep hormone reduces the level of anxiety.

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In addition to the previous functions, melatonin also regulates the immune system, has an analgesic effect in case of pain, slows down the aging process and even affects the reproductive system of a woman.

How to understand that melatonin is not enough

The main factors that indicate a lack of sleep hormone are:

1. Neuropsychiatric disorders: decreased concentration, memory impairment, muscle weakness, depression, anxiety, excessive emotionality.

2. Sleep-wake cycle disorders: insomnia, restless sleep, early awakening.

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3. Negative impact on the female reproductive system: early onset of menopause.

4. Premature aging of the body: deterioration of health and increased morbidity of a person.

How to increase sleep hormone levels

If you

are experiencing prolonged depression

, melatonin can help reduce stress. But in case of its deficiency, experts advise spending at least five hours outdoors. In this way, the sleep hormone will be produced better.
Deficiency of the hormone melatonin
can lead to premature aging of the body. Therefore, for its high-quality production, doctors advise going to bed no later than 22 hours. In this case, the room must be completely dark. And, of course, sleep should be enough — at least 7 hours a day.

My default imageYou can also
increase the level of melatonin
by using foods that contain tryptophan amino acids. These are legumes, rice, barley, oats, nuts, bananas, cherries and dairy products. And strong coffee, tea and cigarettes, on the contrary, increase the lack of sleep hormone.

If you find that for some reason you have a sleep hormone deficiency, we advise you to contact a specialist. In general, spend more time outdoors, do not use devices before going to bed and get at least 7 hours of sleep - then the sleep hormone will be normal.

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