Польза шоколада для женщин: стоит ли опасаться набрать вес

The benefit of chocolate for many of us lies only in the fact that this delicacy is able to cheer up with its taste. Otherwise, every woman who cares about her figure will avoid consuming even a piece of chocolate, being afraid to gain extra pounds. However, this sweetness, as it turned out, contains considerable benefits for the female body. About what chocolate can be useful for and which chocolate bars on the shelves of our stores should be trusted – estet-portal.com and will tell today.

The benefits of chocolate: what kind of chocolate is really useful

Now in every supermarket or pastry shop you will find many varieties of chocolate with various fillings, pieces of fruit or nuts, and even an exotic combination of cocoa beans with spices. And it would be a mistake to think that all this chocolate is healthy. Those properties that we will tell you about below apply exclusively to dark chocolate, which contains only cocoa bean butter without any additional impurities. It is useful to eat it in small quantities, it does not harm tooth enamel, does not cause allergic reactions and will not lead to weight gain.
The benefits of milk or white chocolate – this is a total myth. The milk bar contains a large amount of sugar, while cocoa, on the contrary, – less. But the most useless and even harmful is white chocolate. It can even be considered chocolate only conditionally, because the content of cocoa butter in it is generally minimal – at 20 percent.

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Only bitter chocolate with a maximum percentage of cocoa beans will be useful. It is he who can be eaten without harm to the figure and teeth. However, even here it is important to know when to stop and not get carried away even with this useful sweetness.

The benefits of chocolate for our body

Nutritic experts note that dark chocolate will be useful only if it is eaten no more than 25 grams per day. That is, this is the fourth part of an ordinary chocolate bar weighing 100 grams.

And if you follow this advice, you will find the following useful properties of this sweet:
1. It stimulates mental activity due to the content of phosphorus in its composition, which nourishes brain cells.
2. It improves the processes of cellular metabolism due to the content of magnesium, which is necessary for the normalization of the cells of our body, as a result of which our well-being improves.
3. Strengthens bone tissue due to calcium content. Therefore, it is especially useful to eat dark chocolate for children – instead of regular sweets and confectionery. Of course, it is necessary to comply with the measure.
4. Due to the content of theanine, the condition of the teeth improves – it has antibacterial properties. This is a great caries prevention! In addition, the fluorine contained in each tile strengthens tooth enamel.
5. Strengthens the immune system during illness.
As you can see, the benefits of chocolate – these are not fairy tales. An ordinary tile of goodies is fraught with many useful properties that you did not even know about. That is, not all sweets spoil the teeth and figure, as many of us used to think. Bitter chocolate can become not only an excellent delicacy, but also a useful product for every day.

Bitter chocolate is able to stimulate the brain, improve the condition of bone tissue and metabolic processes at the cellular level. Also, chocolate can be eaten at a time of the year when there is a risk of colds, because it strengthens the immune system.

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The benefits of chocolate for the female body

Every representative of the beautiful half of humanity loves this delicacy and will not miss the opportunity to treat herself to a few slices. And not in vain, because the benefits of chocolate – this is a proven fact. True, many girls try to exclude any confectionery for fear of harming the figure.
But we hasten to assure – a few slices of dark chocolate will not only do no harm, but will be beneficial.

And this one:
1. Normalization of mood – due to the frequent change in mood, women may experience a depressed state. And in this case, chocolate will be the best way out, because it acts like an antidepressant due to the magnesium content in its composition.
2. Facilitates the course of premenstrual syndrome – Just 25 grams of chocolate a day will help smooth out mood swings in the period before menstruation.
3. Prolongs youth – the content of antioxidants in each tile will slow down the aging process of cells.
4. Powerful aphrodisiac – Since the days of French favorites, chocolate has been considered a powerful stimulant of sexual energy. This has been proven by Italian scientists,

For the female body, chocolate is useful in that it normalizes mood, helps fight the aging process, and also acts like an aphrodisiac. In addition, this sweetness can alleviate the course of premenstrual syndrome, which is characterized by sudden mood swings.
So, the benefits of chocolate for women are undeniable and lie in its positive impact on brain function, mood and bone health. It also helps to keep the skin youthful, as well as increase sexual activity! Of course, you can find all these useful properties only in dark chocolate, and not in other confectionery products of this kind, which should be completely excluded from your diet. However, moderation is also necessary for a healthy version of chocolate, otherwise it will have a bad effect on the figure. A little bit of dark bitter chocolate will bring undoubted benefits.

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