Свойства цикория: альтернатива кофе или вредный напиток

Chicory – great alternative to coffee. This instant drink has the same great taste with bitterness and is just as invigorating in the morning. Therefore, it is suitable for those who, for whatever reason, cannot drink a caffeinated drink and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Chicory is made from the rhizome of the blue flowered plant of the same name, which grows in meadows, fields, roadsides and forest edges. It is dried, ground, then fried. In this way a soluble powder or granules is obtained. If you pour them with water or milk, you get a delicious drink.

But is this product really useful or can it harm your health? To find out, let's take a look at the main chicory properties.

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1. Properties of chicory: a source of useful substances
2. What benefits does chicory bring to the body
3. Properties of chicory: can a drink harm

Properties of chicory: a source of useful substances

Chicory Root serves as a source of vitamins and useful elements. Its composition is quite rich.

It contains:

• tannins;

• carotene;

• pectin;

• organic acids;

• carbohydrates;

• proteins;

• resin;

• phenols;

• vitamins: A, groups B, C, E, PP;

• trace elements: calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, phosphorus, copper, sodium, selenium.

The most useful component of chicory – inulin. This is a special type of fiber, a high concentration of which has a beneficial effect on metabolism and the digestive system.

All of these substances are retained even after the drink has been prepared. This is because chicory powder or granules are not chemically processed.

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What benefits does chicory bring to the body

The beneficial properties of chicory are difficult to overestimate. This drink has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the whole organism.


strengthens the immune system – this is due to the fact that inulin has a beneficial effect on the intestinal microflora;

promotes weight loss – due to the fact that the drink normalizes the functioning of the digestive system, and also regulates the production of the hormone ghrelin, which is responsible for the onset of hunger, extra pounds go away, but new ones do not appear;

prevents constipation and dysbacteriosis – thanks to the mild laxative property of chicory, such frequent problems of modern people are eliminated;

reduces blood sugar and bad cholesterol – the drink is quite suitable for people suffering from diabetes;

Despite the fact that chicory has the same bitterness as coffee, it does not contain caffeine, which is harmful for those with heart disease. Therefore, this drink can be safely consumed by hearts. To enhance its beneficial properties, ginger can be added to the cup. It dilates blood vessels and strengthens the heart muscle.

reduces the risk of developing cancer – phenolic resins, which are part of the product, bind and remove free radicals from cells, thus preventing the occurrence of certain cancers;

serves as a natural antiseptic for the oral cavity – tannins destroy the lion's share of microbes that are on the teeth, gums and tongue;

has a dual effect on the nervous system – if you drink the drink early in the morning, it excites, invigorates, energizes and activates mental activity. And if taken at night, it calms and helps to overcome insomnia.

One more surprising property of chicory should be mentioned separately. This is beauty maintenance. Vitamins and minerals that saturate the body when drinking a drink, restore collagen fibers, give the skin elasticity and a healthy color. And this drink is good for hair. It improves their structure and stimulates growth.

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Properties of chicory: can a drink harm

Despite all the useful properties of chicory, this drink has the other side of the coin. Not everyone can use it.

This product should be avoided by those suffering:

varicose veins, hemorrhoids and other vein problems – these diseases may be aggravated by drinking;

bronchial asthma – drink can cause an attack;

cholelithiasis – since chicory has a choleretic effect, it can provoke the displacement of stones and blockage of the bile ducts;

allergic to pollen of ragweed, daisies and marigolds – may cause allergic reaction;

With extreme caution, you should use chicory during pregnancy and lactation, as it can cause unwanted allergic reactions, both in mother and baby.

gastritis and gastric or duodenal ulcer – the drink may irritate the damaged surface; 

disorders of the central nervous system – due to the stimulating effect, the drink may worsen the condition.

Also, chicory is not recommended for children under 3 years of age due to its stimulating properties.

As you can see, chicory can both benefit and harm. Therefore, if you have contraindications, which we mentioned in the article, refrain from it.

In all other cases, drink this tasty drink to your health. Only when buying it, carefully look at the label, because the market is full of sweetened, tinted, and also artificially fortified products that do not bring any benefit.

Buy a powder that is labeled as natural chicory extract on the packaging. Also, don't get too carried away with drinking. 1-2 cups a day is enough to feel healthy, beautiful and invigorated.

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