Табата для похудения: 5 причин выбрать эту методику

Overweight is a serious problem that affects both the emotional component and human health. Overweight people know how hard it is to lose weight. In order to lose a couple of treasured kilograms, you need to put in an incredible amount of effort, to say nothing of the "martyrs" who have to fight with more significant excess weight. You should not despair, because the modern arsenal of means and methods for losing weight is striking in its diversity. One of the most interesting and effective methods today is tabata for weight loss.

The well-known doctor Izumi Tabata, has developed a unique technique based on short, but highly effective workouts, alternating with rest. Tabata for weight loss is used by people of different age groups, with different health conditions and levels of physical fitness. At the same time, it allows you to achieve amazing results for all trainees in a short time and without side effects.

Before starting the classes, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with tabata, the essence of this technique, its advantages and contraindications. You can do this on the portal estet-portal.com., where fresh and reliable information is presented.

Tabata for weight loss: the principle and essence of the method

Tabata, unlike most weight loss programs, consists of sessions lasting only  4 minutes, during which you perform 8 sets of 20 seconds, with 10 seconds of rest in between. In such a short period of active physical activity, the body "manages" start all metabolic processes. During breaks, trainees have time to "take a breath"; and relax, but it should be noted that during this period of time you can not drink water and rest, the best option is – walk at a calm measured pace around the hall.


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In order for training to bring you maximum benefit, you should correctly compose the program – choose exercises that will involve the largest number of muscle groups. If you have a sports background, then you can complicate your workouts with the help of using weights.

Tabata: the best way to speed up even the laziest metabolism

Who would benefit from tabata? We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the principle of operation of this technique in more detail and understand whether this option of physical activity for weight loss is suitable for you or not.

Fast tempo in tabata – this is the main focus of training. One 4-minute Slimming Tabata session is equivalent to a 45-minute cardio workout.

The muscles included in the work quickly start all metabolic processes in the body, due to which there is a rapid breakdown of fat. Moreover, your lipid reserve continues to disappear even after the end of the session. The tabata protocol is by far the most effective method in the fight against overweight.

Tabata for weight loss and restoration of the body's defenses


Regular training leads not only to the rapid burning of body fat, but also to the strengthening of the cardiovascular system, increases the endurance of the body. You will notice how easy walking for long distances will be, and the body will also be able to resist viral infections during epidemics. To conduct a workout, it is not necessary to visit the gym, classes at home will also be effective.


Tabata promotes the acceleration of blood circulation, it is used to remove excess fluid from the body and accelerate the "movement" of the body. lymph. Regular exercise will help get rid of puffiness and cellulite. Because

beauty is health. 

Tabata for weight loss: when there is no free time 


People who are

overweight know how long it takes to achieve the desired physical shape. Long exhausting workouts in the gym, dieting, regular visits to the massage parlor – All this is often not enough time and effort. In this case, the tabata protocol will become a real lifesaver for you. As mentioned above, it takes very little time to complete it, and you will feel the result after the first workout. To get the desired effect, you should exercise 3 times a week, but do not forget that in the fight against excess weight, all means are good, so stick to the right diet.  


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Tabata can be practiced by anyone, regardless of fitness level.  Caution should be exercised by people suffering from varicose

varicose veins.

Getting into Practice: Tabata for Beginners


Tabata for weight loss is carried out strictly according to the following scheme: a certain exercise is performed for  20 ​​seconds, followed by a 10-second break, and this cycle is repeated 8 times, which is only 4 minutes in total.


Do you think 4 minutes of training will be easy to endure? In 4 minutes, you need to give your best, and at the same time try not to violate the technique of the exercise. If you are not tired – don't expect any effect.List of suitable exercises for the Tabata protocol:


    Push-ups. A lighter option (especially suitable for women) – push-ups from the knees.
  • Push-ups with elevated legs (e.g. on a fitball).
  • Twisting. Raising the upper body, lying on the stomach, arms bent at the elbows and located at the back of the head.
  • Squats.
  • Pear kicking.
  • Straight leg raise in prone position.
  • "Scissors". Lying on your back, lift straight legs at a 45-degree angle and perform a crossover. A lighter version of – raise your legs at a right angle.
  • "Scissors" from lying on your side.
  • Breeding straight arms with dumbbells to the sides.
  • Tricep push-ups. Sitting on a chair, rest your hands on the seat, lower your buttocks to the floor, and do push-ups, keeping your arms parallel to each other.
  • Raising the knees to the elbows. Standing, bend your arms at the elbows and raise your legs bent at the knees obliquely towards them – left knee to right elbow, and vice versa.
  • “Barrier”. Lying on your side with an emphasis on your arm, point your legs slightly forward. Raise and lower your legs without touching the floor.
  • "Attack". Lying on your back. Keeping your feet on the floor, strike with both feet at an invisible opponent.
  • Raising closed, straight legs while sitting on a sofa or other secure seat.
  • Half bridge. Lying on the floor, feet rest on the floor, knees bent, arms straight along the body. Raise your buttocks and back, squeezing your glute muscles hard, and come back. Don't take your shoulders off the floor!

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As you can see, tabata for weight loss – it's a safe and time-tested way to get rid of those unwanted extra kilos without spending

  a lot of time for training. The method is attractive not only for its efficiency, but also for its affordability – everyone can start the process of losing weight without leaving home.

Low restrictions, availability and high efficiency – You can experience all these benefits for yourself when you start practicing Tabata. Do not hesitate, start your journey to a healthy, slender body right now, and the estet-portal.com portal will help you with this, where you can get acquainted with the most advanced and effective ways to maintain the beauty and youth of your body.


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