Топ-10 способов похудеть: какие хитрости помогут скинуть лишний вес

Overweight – not only an aesthetic problem, but also a threat to health. However, not everyone succeeds in losing weight? even if it does not get out of the gym. In the question of how to lose weight, many resort to radical methods – strict diets. However, it has long been proven that their benefits – short-term. And with their "help" can undermine health.

Therefore, the best way out – proper nutrition and exercise. And to make them effective, use ten life hacks obtained as a result of scientific researchers. Lose weight according to science with estet-portal.com! We offer 10 ways to lose weight, each of which will help you gain harmony and beauty.

Doctor: secrets of proper nutrition

Proper nutrition – the base on which success in losing weight and your health directly depends. Eating the so-called "food garbage" (semi-finished products, fast food, snacks, smoked meats and fatty foods), you do not give the body anything useful. On the contrary – literally pollute it, give it a lot of extra calories, salt, food additives.

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Surely you have already begun to eat right or are on the way to it. And with our life hacks, extra pounds will go faster:

    Eat off blue plates
  1. – it reduces appetite. Why is that? Scientists have proven that this shade is not very compatible with most products. But if the food looks attractive, then you will eat many times more. Red is also known to stimulate the appetite and should be avoided in table settings.
  2. Follow your diet
  3. by planning your main meals for the first half of the day. If you eat tightly before 15.00, then you will lose kilograms faster, you will be able to save the result. At the same time, eat more carbohydrates in the morning, but after three hours – more protein, plant foods.
  4. Eat spicy food,
  5. include red peppers in your diet. It contains the valuable – capsaicin. It is able to suppress the feeling of hunger, positively affects the immune system. Your food will not be insipid, but you will not overeat either.
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To lose weight, train properly

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The second component of a beautiful figure and weight loss – it's life in motion. It is important to expend more calories than you consume – and don't overdo it. Therefore, physical activity should be moderate, and its duration/intensity should be increased gradually.

Also use our tips:

    Combine physical and mental activities.
  1. While exercising on a stationary bike, treadmill, take your phone with you and turn on your favorite movie, read a book online. Scientists have proven that if you get carried away by an interesting book or movie, you imperceptibly increase your speed, go more than usual. That is, more calories are burned.
  2. Use a pedometer.
  3. This app or device encourages you to increase your physical activity. If the application also has the "share the result with friends" function, this stimulates to achieve a better result, introduces a competitive element.
  4. Exercise less.
  5. This advice may sound absurd, but it works. Studies conducted by Danish scientists have shown that 30 minutes of exercise a day is enough to lose weight. Longer loads deplete the body, trigger the mechanism of severe hunger. As a result – after such a workout, you will eat more than you need.
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The plate rule: how to control the amount of food you eat? Start small – walk more, on weekends try to walk rather than stay at home. If possible, avoid public transport on your way to work. It is better to leave early and get on foot – so you will move more, feel cheerful, be able to tune in to

the upcoming day. Psychological techniques for effective weight loss

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Our 10 Ways to Lose Weight We End with Behavioral Psychology Tips:

    The right motivation.
  1. No need to set yourself radical goals – For example, to lose five kilograms in a month. Rephrase the task like this: “You need to lose 3-5 kilos in a month.” The fact is that it is psychologically easier for us to go to a result that has a minimum and a maximum.
  2. Eat alone
  3. . Studies have shown that we adopt the eating habits of other people with whom we often eat together. Therefore, if your relatives or friends are used to eating a lot, it is better for you to refuse their company – and eat alone.
  4. Buy individually wrapped small sweets.
  5. Ideal – candies. Studies have shown that if a person has to unwrap each candy, then in the end he eats 30% less sweets. But with a chocolate bar or sweets in a box, this will not work out – you will definitely eat more than you need.
  6. Start your morning right.
  7. Set aside some time before lunch to just enjoy the good weather for 20 minutes. To do this, you can go to the courtyard or balcony, grabbing a cup of coffee. Studies have shown that people with this healthy habit have a lower body mass index.

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As you can see, you can lose weight without radical weight loss methods like diets or round-the-clock training. It is important to understand how some processes in our body are arranged in order to choose the right nutrition, daily routine and physical activity. Main – do all this on a regular basis, drastically changing your lifestyle.

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