В это трудно поверить! Как звуки исцеляют организм - уникальные знания

Favorite song, native voice, rain noise – they are sounds that fill us with positive energy. The sound of rain, light wind and deep calm night give a feeling of calmness and freedom of thought, which allows you to immerse yourself in yourself. It has been scientifically proven that some sounds   have a profound positive effect on the psychological and somatic state of a person. Psychologists often use music therapy when restoring the psychological health of patients. 

What effect does sound have on the human body and what is the healing effect, the editors of estet-portal.com found out the details and share with you in this material.

How to tune your body like a rehearsed sound of a first-class orchestra

Have you ever heard the orchestra honing the sound before the upcoming performance? First, a cacophony from wind and strings, then horns, timpani, creating a pleasant noise. Rehearsal after rehearsal allows you to create a clear and clean sound – a melody that brings you spiritual balance and joy.

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The body works in a very similar way. If at least one instrument (the human organ) plays on its own, and not in harmony with the rest of the body, there is a risk of disease.

John Beaulieu (sound therapist, MD) explains:

"A fundamental principle of energy medicine is that an energy field generates physical, emotional, mental or symptomatic behavior. If you change the energy field, aspects of physical behavior, emotional perception and mental health will change.

What is the secret of the knowledge of the ancient peoples and what does science have to do with it


Dr. Hans Jenny introduced the concept of "Cymatics" - the science of changing the energy field using sound waves. Jenny, while doing research, found out that if you pour sand or pour liquid on the surface of a metal plate attached to an oscillator, which is controlled by a generator, a vibration is produced that produces thousands of types of frequencies that can be found in nature.

Changing the frequencies on the oscillator, Jenny noticed how the sand or water that creates the visible support for the sound form into interesting shapes. These shapes modeled aspects of divine geometry, and the higher the frequency, the more complex the shapes appear.

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Jenny showed in a simple way how matter comes to life. Since we realized that through the growing field of quantum physics, patterns appear with waves of energy, the plates have shown the scientist a similar phenomenon. In ancient Sumerian society, this was a known fact. That's why practices like mantra were highly valued.

For example, the seed of the syllable "OM" generates a certain frequency that affects the "matter"; around him, and therefore changes the energy field.

Waves transforming into matter

The Tibetans knew a similar sound science and practiced chanting the 5 “seed syllables”, which purifies the mind. The monks who sang in the Gregorian style were also aware of this healing power. This type of singing pacifies and helps to live in peace. It has a strange effect on brain waves according to various studies. Since all matter is made only from different frequencies of the incident wave, or quantum field, we have the ability to create another reality with sound.

The golden ratio of sound and its impact on health

Sound and the Golden Ratio

The possibility of great healing can be seen in sound science. A picture from a Sri Yantra, a mandala created with sound, and what he says, as one yogi imagined in deep meditation, is a representation of one of the world's oldest sounds. Some compare it to the expression of the divine sound. Also, the triangles that appear in the Sri Yantra are perfectly integrated based on the divine number - Phi (φ), which is also the basis of the golden section. 

Sound Harmonics


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Sonic harmonics aim to create order out of chaos. Illness can be called a form of chaos in the body. According to Dr. R. Friedman, the relationship between the golden ratio and perfect health was easy. During his medical fellowship in the 1980s, Dr. Friedman began by observing the Golden Ratio throughout the human body.

"The deeper I looked, – Friedman said, – the deeper I discovered this incredible and ubiquitous code that must be included in the structure and function of the body. But the more you can harmonize with this great principle, the more efficient and unrestrained life can be.»

What frequencies can heal the body

In the words of R. Gordon - "Unresolved emotional issues block the vibrations of recovery or lead to a return to a state of illness."

Researchers in the field of sound science have come to realize that certain frequencies are very healing for the human body. There is a certain resonance here:

Two systems vibrating at different frequencies cause an impulsive force called resonance, allowing both to transfer energy from one to the other. When two similar tuned systems begin to vibrate while at different frequencies, there is another aspect of this transfer of energy called drag that causes them to align and vibrate at the same frequency - R. Gordon. 

When we "drag" ourselves with healing sound frequencies, there is a harmony of body and mind vibration. These include:

285 Hz - mark the cells and tissues that need to be cured. Let the body feel rejuvenated.

396 Hz – allows you to get rid of feelings of fear and guilt, releasing emotions.

417 Hz - allows you to "destroy" difficult situations and crises.

528 Hz - allows DNA to heal, awaken consciousness and restore cells.

639 Hz – vibration is associated with the heart. It makes it possible to feel love for oneself and for the "other", as long as there is no difference, it helps to balance relationships.

741 Hz - allows cells to cleanse and heal them from the effects of electromagnetic radiation. Allows you to slip into empowerment to create the reality you want to see.

852 Hz – contributes to the awakening of intuition.

963 Hz – activates the pineal gland, and realigns the body to its ideal original state.

Of course, there are additional frequencies, many of which are not yet within the range of human hearing, but are still healing. To heal your body, create a playlist of those sounds, musical compositions that will help you heal on a mental and physical level.


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