Stress resistance – one of the most essential functions of the body. The constant influence of irritating factors adversely affect our psychological and physical health. But since life does not stand still and we just need to constantly move forward, we must learn to protect ourselves from the negative effects of stress. What unpleasant consequences can arise? How to protect yourself from serious consequences and prevent the destruction of the body? How to learn to live in harmony with yourself and do everything?

Stress-causing factors

The influence of stress is very high in the professional field. Often, we do not attach importance to some factors, but they have a devastating effect on our health:

• Very noisy workplace;
• Night shifts and skipping meals during work;
• Team squabbles, overtime, conflicts;
• Monotonous work, deadlines, excessive demands.

Even if you are not working, there are many reasons for stress in everyday life. Family-social and psychological reasons:

• Family problems;
• Personal unfulfillment;
• Internal fears, experiences, complexes;
• Unsatisfactory social living conditions, etc.

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The impact of stress on human physiological health

From constant overvoltage, health problems appear, and almost all human organs suffer. An increase in the level of the stress hormone (cortisol) leads to the following consequences:

• Skin condition (causes inflammatory reactions, can lead to acne on the face and boils on the body);
• Eye area (eye tremor may appear, vision decreases)
• Cardiovascular system (cardiac arrhythmias, increased blood pressure, increased cholesterol levels);
• Lungs (may develop asthma);
• Brain (memory and cognitive decline, headaches);
• Liver (causes changes in liver cells that lead to various diseases);
• Intestinal area (may appear "irritable bowel syndrome", constipation, metabolic changes, spasms)
• General decrease in immunity;
• Also,


The effects of stress are not limited to physical health problems.

Psychological deviations against the background of nervous exhaustion are much more dangerous:

• Depressedness, indifference, depressive states may appear;

• To get rid of unpleasant sensations, a person resorts to alcohol, narcotic drugs, becomes dependent on potent drugs;
• Manifestations of aggression, severe irritability, neuroses or, conversely, apathy are also the effects of stress.
• The appearance of insomnia is the first sign that your brain and nervous system are in constant tension.

Prevention of stress conditions

It is very important not to bring yourself to physical and emotional exhaustion, but to try to prevent these violations from To avoid irreversible consequences, but try to prevent these conditions:

Yoga and meditation techniques – what you need after a hard day at work;• Get as much exercise as possible every day;
• Try to clearly
plan your affairs so that you have time for a good rest;• Proper, regular nutrition and
water regime – pledge of your energy for new achievements;• If you have bad habits, you should think about how to get rid of them. They take your resources;
• Do not neglect
walks in the fresh air, it restores the psychological balance of your nervous system;• Learn to give yourself small pleasures, <
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