Выход на работу после отпуска: как настроиться

"I don't want to go to work after my vacation." Familiar? And the brighter the well-deserved rest was, the more difficult it is to return to working days. After a wonderful week-long vacation spent by the sea or in the mountains, a person often falls into the so-called post-holiday stupor: he does not want to do anything, but only rest is in his thoughts. And all this is accompanied by apathy, nervousness, insomnia, fatigue, and in some cases even fever.

Many employees do not return to work at all after a vacation, having written a letter of resignation. This is due to the loss of motivation and the breaking of stereotypes. In psychology, all these conditions are referred to as "post-holiday syndrome." Its main reason – abrupt change of scenery. But this is a short-lived phenomenon. It usually lasts from 2 days to 2 weeks, then passes. Psychologists and doctors know how to change from a relaxing holiday atmosphere to a working wave without problems and stress. Their simple tips to share with you online publication estet-portal.com.

1. Give yourself a few bonus days to acclimatize
2. Back to work after vacation: return to normal from the middle of the week
3. Break your annual leave into several parts
4. Get into working mode gradually
5. Sleep, eat well and get fit
6. Returning to work after vacation: give yourself pleasure

Give yourself a few bonus days to acclimatize

If you have been on vacation in Turkey, Egypt or another warm country, do not go to work immediately after disembarking from the plane. Rushing into the cycle of work affairs, you run the risk of catching depression and generally losing motivation. Therefore, plan your vacation at sea or somewhere else in such a way that there are 2-3 days left before going to work. During this time, you will not only acclimatize and get enough sleep after a flight or trip, but also get involved in the usual rhythm of life, have time to sort things out, put souvenirs on the shelves, print photos with sea or mountain landscapes and even miss your favorite tasks and colleagues. Adaptation will do you good: returning to work after vacation will only be a joy for you.

Back to work after vacation: back to normal from the middle of the week

Monday – hard day. Everyone knows about it. The beginning of the week is especially difficult after a long vacation. If you start working from this day after a few days spent at sea, in the mountains or in the country, the working week will turn into torture and will seem painfully long to you.

The most favorable day to return to work after vacation – Friday. Usually there are no important meetings, meetings and routine work at the end of the week.

Therefore, experts recommend returning to work mode after the holidays from the middle of the week, and preferably – from Thursday or Friday. Thus, having worked only 1-2 days before the weekend, you will more comfortably establish a working rhythm and will not have time to get tired of work, both physically and mentally.

Break your annual vacation into several parts

Many people who take a month's vacation feel terribly tired on their first day at work. This is due to the fact that for a long time a person has time to completely relax and wean from everyday work tasks, as well as the need to get up on an alarm clock and rush headlong to work.

To make getting used to the relaxing atmosphere and getting used to the working environment as comfortable and painless as possible, it is better to take an annual vacation in parts – 14 or 10 days. Experts recommend taking one vacation in winter, and the second – summer. It is during these periods that a person most of all needs a change of scenery and relaxation. If you take a little rest, but several times during the year, you will feel less tired, and the introduction into working days will be as comfortable as possible.

Get into working mode gradually

On the first working day after a vacation, you should not "lash out" on accumulated work tasks and household chores. Otherwise, feeling panic and horror from the amount of unfulfilled, you risk undermining your nerves and health. Return to working days gradually.
So, on the first day, instead of 6 tasks, do 2-3. This could be checking email, answering emails, making a to-do list for the next week, and other small things that do not require much stress.

Get into work mode smoothly, starting with simple things. And when you already enter the usual rhythm, you can increase the load. This way you will quickly come to your senses and get used to the fact that you are back at work.

Also try to divide your work into several stages and give yourself 5-10-minute breaks between these parts. During your break, look at vacation photos, chat with co-workers, meet new co-workers, or get outside and get some fresh air.

And remember the following: don't stay late at work the first few days after your vacation, even if you're in a rush. There will be no sense from this: you will run out of steam faster, and you will do your job poorly.

Sleep, eat well and get fit

Our well-being depends on sleep and nutrition. Therefore, a few days before returning to work after a vacation, try to sleep at least 8 hours and eat only healthy food, forgetting about fast foods, fatty foods and strong coffee. In the post-holiday period, the body needs vitamins, minerals, as well as the "correct" calories. Break up your daily diet with vegetables, fruits, nuts, seafood.

Use dark chocolate. It uplifts the mood and activates the mental processes.

A few days before going to work, get a face mask, manicure, haircut. Such activities will make you feel better and fresher.

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Returning to work after vacation: give yourself pleasure

To make the "vacationer" syndrome not delayed, try not to give yourself to work entirely, without a trace. Remember that in addition to your career, you have your own life. Get more rest and do fun things. On weekends and after work, try not to lie on the couch. Keep an active lifestyle: go to the gym, go to the movies, listen to good music or chat with friends over a cup of tea. And share your vacation experience with colleagues by showing them photos and videos. But don't do it too often. Otherwise, nostalgia cannot be avoided.

Non-stop operation results in burnout. Therefore, a good vacation is indispensable. But even here it is worth remembering that a well-deserved rest – this is only a small part of our life and sooner or later we need to return to our usual working course. And to avoid becoming a victim of post-vacation syndrome, follow these simple guidelines: get enough sleep, eat healthy food, don't try to do everything in one fell swoop, lead an active and varied lifestyle, and dream about your next vacation. And then you will easily join the work rut, and your favorite work will bring you joy and pleasure.

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Also, physical exercise is great for setting up a daily routine! For example, abdominal exercises.


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