Целлюлит: почему появляется и как предотвратить эту проблему

Cellulite – a problem that many women suffer from. By itself, it does not pose any health hazard. But today it is generally accepted that it spoils the figure, makes the appearance untidy and unhealthy, because you can look different. At the same time, it can appear not only in overweight women, but also in their slender friends. After all, the root of the problem in this case is not in extra pounds, but in violation of metabolic processes, poor nutrition and lack of adequate physical activity.

The editors of estet-portal.com will tell you more about what cellulite is – the reasons that cause it, as well as ways to deal with the problem.

Cellulite: Causes of Appearance Due to Wrong Lifestyle

Most often, cellulite appears precisely because of the wrong lifestyle, careless attitude to one's own health and appearance. All this provokes the appearance of cellulite in the thighs and buttocks.

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• bad habits – smoking and alcohol;
• low physical activity;
• sudden weight gain;

• stress;

• malnutrition;

• long-term medication.

First of all, nutrition affects the appearance of cellulite. This is the base on which the health of the whole body and its beauty are built. If you abuse unhealthy foods, eat irregularly, then over time this will lead to the appearance of "orange peel". The situation is aggravated by drinking alcohol and smoking. That is why it is worth giving up bad habits and improving nutrition – First of all, your health and beauty will depend on them.

Cellulite is directly affected by natural causes:

• heredity;

• thyroid problems;My default image
• pregnancy;
• digestive problems;
• hormonal disorders;

• ovarian diseases;

• varicose veins and venous insufficiency;

• features of female physiology.

The last factor means that cellulite appears in women in view of the characteristics of their body. Do not take it as a disease – it could be considered, that in this case, cellulite will be one of the variants of the norm. However, this does not mean that it does not need to be fought.

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Cellulite: how to prevent it The appearance of cellulite is better to prevent, otherwise you will have to spend a lot of effort later in order to put the body in order. Ways to prevent cellulite are similar to the program to combat it: here and physical activity, and proper nutrition, and massage. However, prevention – this is much easier than solving an existing problem.

How to prevent cellulite:

1. Physical activity – if you have a sedentary job, then sport is not only recommended for you, it is vital. The whole body suffers from a sedentary lifestyle – this is overweight, and stagnant processes, and the same cellulite. Therefore, walk more, choose active rest, go to the gym.

2. Proper nutrition – probably everyone knows its rules, but many prefer to eat at random. In order not to suffer from cellulite, and at the same time – from excess weight, you need to minimize the consumption of salty foods, sugar, trans fats, fast food. My default image
3. Drink water – 1.5-2 liters is enough for a day. It is necessary for our cells for metabolic processes. Also, an adequate amount of water in the body prevents stagnant processes and swelling, which also serves as a prevention of cellulite.
4. Forget about bad habits – here we include alcohol abuse and smoking. All this worsens the condition of the body, wears it out, which leads, among other things, to the appearance of cellulite.
5. Do a massage or use massagers, take care of the body with a scrub, rub it with a hard washcloth. Useful for the prevention of cellulite and douches.

All of the above – simple ways that do not require any special effort from you. This is a lifestyle that helps preserve the beauty and health of the whole body. It is enough just to start to get used to it in time, and don't consider a massage or workout something out of the ordinary. Main – observe the regularity of all manipulations, take a comprehensive approach to both prevention and
solution of the problem of cellulite.

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