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Stress is the main factor influencing our body. Because of it, the nervous system is destroyed, the skin suffers, it becomes a sign of premature aging, and affects many other processes in the human body. But, unfortunately, getting rid of stress is not so easy. Especially if you are an emotional person.

Stress also affects our appetite. Surely you have repeatedly eaten your feelings with a delicious cake or relaxed with alcohol. This may be the beginning of an unpleasant outcome — excess weight.

The editors of the estet-portal decided to figure out what are the causes of obesity, and how stress can affect your weight.

Why stress can cause obesity

Adrenaline, corticoliberin and cortisol. These are the three hormones that are released during a stressful situation. Adrenaline kicks in first. It temporarily reduces the desire to eat, sometimes to such an extent that a piece does not climb into the throat. Surely you have had this when before some important event you simply cannot and do not want to eat.

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But as soon as the stressful situation subsides, cortisol takes over the main role — stress hormone. He begins to demand all sorts of vkuksnost-harmfulness. This happens when the stress lingers on. Then visceral fat begins to accumulate in the body, which surrounds the internal organs — this is precisely the main cause of obesity.

How to understand what exactly stress — the reason for your excess weight

Try to calculate your calorie intake per day and roughly calculate how much you spend on your typical day. If as a result it turns out that you use much more than you spend — this may be the main reason for your excess weight. But if calories are expended and consumed within normal limits — It is worth thinking about stress factors that can affect this. Problems in relationships at work or in the family, lack of communication, constant anxiety and tension, lack of sleep, overwork.

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All these normal life moments can lead to stress, which the body will start to deal with by accumulating fat.

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Ways to deal with stress without food

It is impossible to get rid of stress. Even if you arrange the most comfortable conditions for life, stress will be present in your life. But you can try to make sure that the cause of obesity does not become it at all, you can. What needs to be done first. Get out of a stressful job. If you have been working for years in unbearable conditions for the nervous system — it's worth changing something. Find yourself a hobby. Discover your talents: go to art school, try singing, play sports, learn languages. Do something that brings you pleasure. Chat with people who are pleasant and interesting to you. This will help you get rid of excess stress and prevent weight gain.

Stress — this is not the only, but the most influential cause of obesityI. In addition, stress is a factor that destroys the nervous system. As a result of experiences, a person becomes irritable, and can ruin relationships with his loved ones, and again arrange a stressful situation. All this — an endless circle of interconnected processes that are led by a person. It is only necessary to build relationships with your body correctly, to achieve harmony and mutual understanding with yourself. Then you can handle any situation.

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