Как определить опасные для здоровья родинки и что с ними делать

Moles are dark spots on the human body. Everyone has them, they appear at birth and are formed throughout life. In ancient times, some combinations of spots were considered symbolic, and a person whose body was strewn with small dark dots was perceived as a lucky man, favored by the gods. In the Middle Ages, ladies even adorned their faces with artificial moles made of black velvet. It was considered a sign of beauty and noble birth. But there are moles dangerous to health. We suggest paying special attention to them.

What are  moles from a medical point of view

In medicine, the term "nevus" is used to refer to a mole. This is a specific neoplasm of the skin, which, under adverse circumstances, can degenerate into cancer. The number of nevi may increase throughout life, and with insolation, they become more.

Nevus is a cluster of cells, in which the concentration of melanin is increased — special skin pigment. Safe and dangerous moles in children appear in the form of tiny spots that increase with age under the influence of hormones and sunlight. The first nevi occur even in the period of intrauterine development of the fetus. Their formation is genetically determined. Then the moles become larger and more noticeable.

If the mole is unsuccessfully touched or injured, it may bleed. Often there are inflammation, suppuration. The worst thing that can happen is that dangerous moles are reborn. Then they turn into  melanomas — skin tumors. These tumors are progressive and pose a threat to the entire body.

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What is the difference between safe and dangerous moles

Safe moles are small spots that do not rise above the level of the skin. They don't get inflamed, they don't cause any discomfort. An injury, a sharp growth of a nevus, pain, redness around the speck can serve as a cause for alarm.

There are several types of dangerous moles: melanomas, keratomas, papillomas, fibromas. Only a doctor can determine which moles are dangerous and which are not, therefore, if in doubt, it is worth getting an examination. Without extreme need, safe nevi are not removed so as not to provoke complications. Moles should be eliminated if they create significant inconvenience or greatly spoil the appearance.

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How to understand that a mole is potentially dangerous, and what to do

The first sign of a dangerous mole — her sudden increase in size. If a new suspicious nevus appears or an existing one begins to grow rapidly, you should immediately contact a dermatologist or surgeon. It is not worth delaying your visit, because malignant moles progress rapidly.

There can be several reasons for the appearance of dangerous nevi:

  • Long exposure to sun.At risk group are tan lovers, people who work outdoors.

  • Genetic predisposition. If parents or close blood relatives already had malignant moles, you should be on the alert and regularly examine the nevi.

  • Injuries. There are many cases when damaged moles were reborn and began to progress. Therefore, any injury — a reason to carefully observe the speck.

  • Celtic skin type. "Red and freckled" also at risk. White skin does not tolerate exposure to ultraviolet rays. It is better for such people to give up trying to get a brown tan on the beach, not to visit a solarium.

People at risk should not stay under the sun for a long time, be sure to use sunscreen cosmetics, especially on skin areas where there are many moles. They are also contraindicated in visiting solariums, infrared saunas. It is best to avoid any aggressive heat treatments.

If there is cause for concern, you should make an appointment with doctor. With the help of special equipment, he will measure the concentration of the pigment in the cells, conduct a histological analysis of a suspicious neoplasm. If the mole is dangerous, the doctor will recommend removing it. The final decision on the need for surgery always rests with the patient.

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Highlights on moles dangerous to health and precautions

Don't panic if you have a lot of moles, but it's better to play it safe and get an examination, especially if there are large spots. To prevent the rebirth of nevi, follow these rules:

  • Sunbathe carefully. If you are a  Celian type (white skin, red hair, freckles), remember that the safe sun is for you — morning: from 6.00 to 8.00.

  • Use sunscreen that is appropriate for your skin type. Be especially careful when applying the cream to the areas of mole accumulation.

  • Try not to injure the nevi. This is dangerous.

  • If you notice a sharp growth of a mole, inflammation or pain, contact your doctor immediately.

In most cases, moles are not dangerous, so stay calm, but don't lose your vigilance.

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