Blood circulatory disorders can be short-lived and relatively harmless. For example, when an arm or leg goes numb from being in an uncomfortable position. However, if such a problem is permanent, there is a direct threat to the health of all organs.

Pain in the muscles of the lower body, pain while walking, constant tingling and numbness in the limbs – common symptoms of circulation problems. will talk about simple changes in your usual lifestyle that will help improve blood circulation without much effort.

How to Improve Blood Circulation with Nutrition

1. More water!

The body needs water to function properly, and the cardiovascular system is no exception. Fresh water every day helps not only improve blood circulation, but also has a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin, saturating it with moisture, improves metabolism and accelerates the removal of toxins from the body.

2. Peppers, but hotter!

Capsacin, which makes hot peppers hot, perfectly fights inflammatory processes in the body, vitamins A and C raise the body temperature, resulting in improved blood circulation – it simply rushes through the body, penetrating into every corner of your body.

3. Products, but more useful!

Superfoods that help improve blood circulation include:

  • oranges;
  • dark chocolate;
  • cayenne pepper;   
  • sunflower seeds;
  • ginger root;
  • garlic;
  • Ginkgo Biloba;
  • goji berries;
  • watermelons;
  • salmon;
  • avocado.

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How to improve blood circulation through physical activity

1. Walking up the stairs!

Hiking the stairs – this is not only a great exercise for the legs, it is also a great way to improve blood circulation throughout the body. The sooner you forget about the existence of the elevator – the better for your health.

2. One stretch, two stretch!

Encourage your colleagues to get off their chairs and spend five minutes with you stretching the body. And eyes, and muscles, and vessels – everyone gets tired of constantly sitting in a chair, no matter how comfortable it is! Treat your organs with blood flow as a result of a five-minute stretch!

3. Movement, movement, movement!

The best and most effective way to improve blood circulation – be in motion. Use every free minute to move – do ten squats, jump in place, walk up the stairs, run, take your favorite yoga position – all this will not let your cardiovascular system get lazy in the end.

However, if your circulation is already compromised, any exercise can be difficult – do not put pressure on your body, move so that it does not overstrain. Remember, there are so many ways to be physically active that don't have to exhaust your body!

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How to improve blood circulation – other ways

1. Throw away the cigarette, throw it away now!

It makes no sense to explain for the thousandth time why smoking harms the cardiovascular system. One of the benefits of quitting smoking is that you can improve your circulation without doing anything. Therefore, if you have become a hostage to this habit, try to get out of nicotine slavery in the name of health and longevity.

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2. Enjoy your massage!

The massage stimulates the flow of blood and lymph. The effect depends on the type of massage: it can be local, aimed at relieving pain in a certain part of the body, or it can be general – to relax and improve the condition of the whole body and soul.

3. Put your feet up!

This method is often used to get rid of edema. Just lie down on the sofa and put your feet up – this will help not only improve blood circulation, but also relax. By raising your legs above heart level every day, you can reduce your risk of developing varicose veins caused by high blood pressure or prolonged standing.

4. More contrast!

Contrast shower – excellent exercise for healthy blood vessels. For people with diseases of the cardiovascular system, this kind of exercise is contraindicated.


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5. Attention to shoes!

If you spend most of the day on your feet, the comfort of shoes is for you – task number one. Tight shoes and high heels – enemies of normal blood circulation.

Poor blood circulation – serious problem for the whole organism. However, the editors of believe that every – you just need to remember about the body's needs for movement, proper nutrition and enough water!

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