Почему болит горло летом: решаем проблему доступными способами

The flu and acute respiratory infections season is far behind, because the thermometer on the street has risen above 20 for a long time, but where does the sore throat come from? A sharp change in temperature and weather conditions often adversely affect the condition of the ENT organs. Therefore, with the advent of heat, you should not relax and spend the day near the air conditioner or get too carried away with ice cream. Your body is still weakened, because after the spring beriberi did not disappear, chronic ailments became aggravated, etc. What to do if your throat hurts in summer weather, because the problem will not allow you to fully relax, will not allow you to freshen up in the heat – let's try to understand in detail, how to soothe a sore throat using estet-portal.com.

Why does my throat hurt: we analyze the symptoms and causes

Why does my throat hurt in summer? Most often, pain in the ENT organs in the warm season is caused by pharyngitis, which is characterized by the following symptoms:
• perspiration and pain that gets worse when swallowing;
• desire to cough frequently;
• malaise;
• fever (in acute form of the disease);
• runny nose that appears after a couple of days.

Only an otolaryngologist can accurately diagnose the disease, but the causes of both pharyngitis and similar diseases (tonsillitis, laryngitis) are similar, these are:
• temperature difference (air conditioner in the office, but heat outside);
• consumption of cold food and drinks;
• infections of the bacterial or viral type;
• allergic manifestations to flowering plants, etc.

What to do if your throat hurts: rinses and inhalations

If pain sensations have just appeared, then it is necessary to eliminate them using available methods. An ancient but still effective – it's rinsing. One of the popular – it is to gargle with warm water with the addition of salt and soda to it, the first – disinfects, and the second – softens the throat.
As a rinse, you can use herbal decoctions that have an anti-inflammatory effect. Most suitable: chamomile, mint, sage, linden, calendula and eucalyptus leaves. For the method to work, it is necessary to rinse with an interval of 2 hours.
When the throat "wheezes", inhalations can be used along with rinses, for this today there are nebulizers that are easy to use at home.

But remember, why a sore throat can only be determined by a doctor, so if the symptoms do not go away, but rather worsen, you need to visit an ENT.
Determined why the throat hurts – make food and drink regimen

What should I do if my throat hurts and I'm thirsty at the same time? In summer, quench your thirst with a cold drink, what could be better, but if you feel pain, you should forget about such pleasure.

There are several rules of eating and drinking that should be followed in order to quickly overcome the disease:

• drink warm green tea, do not forget to add lemon, honey or mint to it;
• a good alternative to a cold drink is to rest in the shade, then the feeling of thirst will not torment;
• prepare tea with chamomile, you can easily buy it at the pharmacy;
• avoid sour and spicy foods;
• hot and cold food should not be consumed during this period;
• increase the amount of liquid.

What to do if your throat hurts: some proven methods

There are several ways to deal with pain:

• warm the throat with a compress, for this you can use a decoction of chamomile (1 tablespoon per 1 glass of boiling water) in which moisten the cloth, wring it out, put it on the neck and wrap it with a scarf, the procedure lasts until the cloth cools down;
• use vitamin C, because it not only overcomes pain, but also strengthens the immune system, the recommended daily dose – 120 mg;
.bull; change your toothbrush, because it intensively accumulates bacteria that can also cause diseases of the ENT organs, because it is not for nothing that dentists advise changing toothbrushes every month.

My default imageWhat to do if your throat hurts: preventive measures

Why does my throat hurt and how to prevent problems with ENT organs in the summer? It's very simple, just follow these guidelines:

• avoid hypothermia and overheating, try to avoid temperature differences;

• keep an eye on the optimal temperature in the house, especially if there is a child in the house, try to ventilate the room daily and do wet cleaning;

• food in the summer should be warm, but not hot (you can injure your throat) and not cold (you can reduce the protection of local body functions);
• strengthen your immune system from spring by consulting a doctor, because those who have not yet overcome
spring beriberi
, stress, etc.
get sick more often Main causes of sore throat – this is a temperature difference, the use of cold foods, drinks, weak immunity and all sorts of viruses. Rinses, inhalations, the inclusion of vitamin C in the diet, and drinking plenty of water will help to overcome the problem. If there is no effect, you should consult a doctor.

When you get hurt at the beach or on a picnic, the question arises – why does my throat hurt in summer. As you can see, there can be many reasons, as well as possible diseases. Sometimes, to overcome the problem, it is enough to spend a couple of days rinsing, and sometimes you can not do without contacting a doctor. If the sensations do not go away for more than 2 days and are accompanied by fever, then there is no point in risking – see an otolaryngologist. In case of mild pain, it is worth resorting to the options presented in the article and after the symptoms are relieved, continue to enjoy the hot days without worries.
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