Many of you have probably heard of such an abbreviation as healthy lifestyle. But not everyone knows how it stands for. These letters stand for three important words: “healthy living”. It is this phenomenon that is on the wave of popularity today. The cult of a healthy lifestyle is observed in many countries of the world. The majority resorts to it, regardless of age, gender and social status. Among the adherents of this fashion trend there are also popular world celebrities: Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Nicole Kidman, David Beckham, Jessica Alba. You can also add to this list. In this article, we will reveal to you the most important rules of a healthy lifestyle.

What are the features of a healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is relevant. People actively rebuild in this direction because they want to be healthy and happy. Indeed, in the modern world, the state of ecology wants to be the best, and the number of inhabitants of the planet suffering from stress and various diseases is increasing exorbitantly. And HSE prevents this. Compliance with a healthy lifestyle includes a proper balanced diet, regular physical activity, normal sleep, and walks in the fresh air.

The main component of a healthy lifestyle is a complete rejection of bad habits, which include the use of alcoholic beverages, smoking, lack of sleep.

Why you should follow the rules of a healthy lifestyle

The benefits of living a healthy lifestyle are substantial. If you follow the main postulates, life will change for the better. You will become healthier, and your body will not suffer from various serious diseases, since your immunity will work like clockwork. In addition, your skin color will improve, your hair will become silky and shiny, and your body will acquire beautiful curves. In addition to this, you will become happier and will look at the world with different eyes, through the prism of bright colors and positive.

It is not at all difficult to rebuild yourself into a healthy lifestyle, as many people think. Main – take the first step towards a healthy, happy and successful existence.


Top Ten Rules for a Healthy Lifestyle

The rules of a healthy lifestyle are not complicated. In addition, to comply with them, you do not need to spend a lot of money, energy and time.

“We do not live to eat, but eat to live”

This principle is the main one, because it concerns our nutrition. In order to always feel good, it is imperative to include foods rich in proteins, fats, and carbohydrates in the diet. And you need to eat in a balanced way.

Nutritionists have developed a unique pyramid of proper nutrition, which is based on cereals and flour products - you need to eat up to 5 different dishes from such ingredients per day. Next come fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, eggs, nuts, legumes, milk and dairy products. It is also very important to drink plenty of pure water (up to 2.5 liters per day), because it cleanses the body of harmful substances.

There are a few other important dietary recommendations:

  • Try not to overeat, especially at night. Otherwise, it will be difficult for the body to cope with the digestion of food, because at night the metabolism slows down. It is better to eat a regular serving 2-3 hours before bedtime. The feeling of slight hunger in this case is absolutely normal.
  • Eat often, but little by little. This is better than eating rarely, but a lot in one sitting. The best solution would be to eat in small portions, for example - 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 2 dinners. In total, you will get 6 meals per day. This method of nutrition has a positive effect on metabolism, bowel function and the absorption of all useful substances from products.
  • Do not eat on the go and dry. Set aside a specific time and place for eating. And give your preference to soups and freshly squeezed juices. You will be surprised later how much better you will feel and how good you will look.
  • Say a resounding “No!” food “garbage” in the form of chips, crackers, mayonnaise, ketchup, fast food, semi-finished products and other products containing harmful additives. Also eat less salt and sugar.

And our nutritionist from London claims that youth is in alkaline foods! 

In no case do not save on natural and fresh products, because high-quality nutrition is a strong foundation for your health.

Healthy sleep: do not skimp on sleep

Sleep is very beneficial for the human body. In addition to the blush on the cheeks and the sparkle in the eyes, it restores all cells and the nervous system, improves immunity, makes thinking clearer, and the mood upbeat. And most importantly, sleep promotes longevity. But all this is subject to a full rash. If a person stays up at night at a computer or a book, sleeps for 3-4 hours a day, his health will soon fail. Fatigue, poor memory performance, reduced concentration - these are not all the consequences of poor sleep. Therefore, it is recommended to go to bed before midnight and sleep for at least 7 hours. The fact is that the first half of the night is characterized by the appearance of the most necessary phases of sleep, saturating a person with energy.

Be outdoors more

If you work indoors for a long time, and your walk in the fresh air is the road to and from work - home, frequent colds, a bad complexion and a bad mood will be provided to you. Therefore, if you want to follow the rules of a healthy lifestyle, be outdoors as often as possible. And it doesn't matter where it will be - in the park, in the forest or in your yard. In order for the eyes to rest from routine work, the lungs to be filled with air, and the body to be saturated with energies, it is better than walking along the embankment, the forest and the park. With the advent of the weekend, lying on the couch in front of the TV is replaced by full-fledged walks outside the city. And it is very important to breathe with full breath while doing this.

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Keep an active lifestyle

Never sit in one place. Even if your work is sitting at a computer, spend at least 5 minutes every hour to warm up your body. Also, be sure to do exercises in the morning. It will help you wake up, tune in to the working mood and get a dose of good mood. And various sports, whether it's running, swimming, fitness, help to improve the functioning of all systems of the human body, and also minimize the risk of dangerous diseases. On the wave of popularity and yoga. Combining physical exercise with special breathing and meditation can dramatically change your life.

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“Smile – the curve that straightens everything”

In the modern world, which is full of wars, sorrows and other troubles, it is necessary to find time for a smile. After all, it has been scientifically proven that laughter prolongs life due to the fact that it reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. Therefore, even if you are in a lousy mood, look in the mirror and smile until your soul becomes easier. It is also very important to enjoy every day you live, because life is one and you need to live it as brightly and unforgettable as possible.

Finally give up bad habits

As practice shows, those who take nicotine and alcohol ruin their own health and make the immune system weak. Therefore, if you have a passion for cigarettes, beer or wine, replace these habits better with new, more useful ones. This can be drinking a cup of green tea in the morning, as well as walking in the fresh air in the evening.

Hardening and Pair Treatments

Hardening is useful in that it trains the immune system, as a result of which a person is less likely to get colds and flu. But you do not need to immediately dive into the ice hole. It is better to start this procedure gradually. For starters, you can try wiping your body with a damp towel.

Like tempering, steam is also a great way to feel good. Scientists have proven that a visit to the bath perfectly cleanses the pores, removes toxins and toxins, and also strengthens the immune system. If it is not possible to regularly visit these establishments, take at least baths with the addition of various aromatic oils and sea salt. Hot water has a relaxing effect.

Personal hygiene – purity of body and spirit

“I need to wash my face. Mornings and evenings. And unclean chimney sweeps – shame and disgrace!”– These words are familiar to each of us from deep childhood. Personal hygiene is very important because it protects your body from various bacteria and germs.

Don't let stress into your life

Try to avoid stress and various nervous tensions that deplete the central nervous system, as a result of which the immune system weakens. Do not take everything to heart, do not pass negative information through yourself. Be always positive and then your life will become  long and happy.


Finding what you love

If your life has become boring and monotonous, a new hobby can add color to it. It has been proven that when a person is engaged in an interesting and exciting business, he becomes happy.

By following a healthy lifestyle, you will forget what it is to feel unwell and a lousy mood. And your life will sparkle with new colors!

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