Психотерапевт назвал 10 признаков того, что у вас не хандра, а невроз

According to WHO, neurosis – a serious problem faced by every fourth inhabitant of the planet. This is a complex disease that causes mental disorders of a protracted nature, turning into a chronic form. Symptoms are expressed in the deterioration of physical health, mental potential. Depend on the severity and severity of the course of the disease. There are tantrums, obsessions, asthenia. Scientists believe that neurosis is associated with internal psychological imbalance, exacerbated by external factors. The disorder is reversible and the reason for the development of – traumatic factor. The disease is not inherited.

The editors of estet-portal.com will tell you what symptoms of neurosis in women exist and how to get rid of the disorder.

Signs of neurosis in women: top 10 symptoms

Pay attention if the following is observed:

1. Instability of emotions – if you notice sudden mood swings, don't ignore this wake-up call. You smile, feel great, and in a moment you remember sad events from your life, starting to cry. You continue to mentally express dissatisfaction with yourself and the world around you. This is a clear sign of emotional instability.

2. Impulsivity – a sharp reaction to criticism, bad weather, husband's remarks. You catch yourself thinking that you are not happy with your life situation, and in a second you are already breaking dishes, throwing a tantrum. This indicates a neurotic disorder.

3. Tearfulness – you cry from a sad cartoon or series. Twist thoughts in your head, whether your soulmate appreciates and loves you, take offense at everyone for nothing. Atypical vulnerability and resentment speak of mental vulnerability.

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4. Nervous tics – there are involuntary twitches of the muscles of the eyes, cheeks, lips, which you are not able to stop. They last several minutes, hours and even days.

5. Irritability – you are annoyed by loud music, voices, increased intonation, a different taste of coffee, too sweet perfumes of passers-by.

Expert opinion: causes of neurosis and methods of treatment of the disease

6. Panic Attacks – one of the symptoms of neurosis. They appear as a sudden feeling of fear, the heartbeat quickens, the head is spinning, there is an acute lack of air.

7. Lack of desire to communicate – you find it difficult to interact with friends, you refuse to meet. There is a constant feeling of appreciation and dislike for you.

8. Lack of intimacy – you try to avoid sex in every possible way, arguing that you are tired, unwilling.

9. Alarm – it seems that the future will be bad, fear of material problems. The feeling that the boss does not appreciate you and will soon fire you, you will remain on the street. Children do not obey, you do not have time to do anything around the house. In thoughts – a flood of negative expectations.

10. Low and high self-esteem – you consider yourself ugly, tastelessly dressed, with a lack of ambition. In the afternoon – Are you ready to take on important tasks?

The physical symptoms of neurosis in women are manifested in loss of appetite, VVD, frequent headaches. Lack of proper sleep, nightmares

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According to doctors, the causes of neurosis development are divided into:
• hormonal disorders – diseases associated with poor functioning of the adrenal glands, thyroid gland, patients with diabetes mellitus;

• the presence of chronic diseases – people suffering from infectious diseases, oncological diseases, with severe postoperative recovery, as well as alcoholics and drug addicts;

• psychological overload – irritability, sleep disturbance, low level of working capacity, and in children – deep psycho-emotional trauma;

• pathology of the nervous system – memory impairment, absent-mindedness, low mental potential, chemical imbalances.

The symptoms of neurosis in women are expressed in milder forms than in men. In the presence of hormonal imbalance, long-term drug treatment is carried out. For example, with menopause, corrective hormone therapy is required. Neurosis in pregnant women occurs due to a malfunction in the balance of hormones, changes in the psychological state.
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Psychic neurosis

– develops due to severe emotional and mental trauma. With prolonged excitement and worry about the life situation. Anxious – a consequence of an imaginary state of health, excessive anxiety and depression. Asthenic – frequent mood swings, lack of vitality, apathy for life. Situational – having experienced severe stress, the patient regularly falls into a neurosis without a chance for self-healing.

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Methods of treating neurosis in women and men A woman does not always find time to discover a neurotic disorder on her own. And someone notices abnormal manifestations in behavior and tries to find out the cause himself, but sometimes this has a detrimental effect on the psyche. The best remedy in the treatment of neurosis – find a qualified psychotherapist.

Psychotherapy treats patients with antidepressants, distracting the patient from obsessions, tantrums. Conducted cognitive-behavioral therapy. Not everyone is able to independently realize that they are sick. Some consider neurosis a sign of weakness, shame, fear, they are afraid of a negative reaction from relatives. In vain – help is needed here. It is important to assess the severity of the condition in time and start treatment.

The first symptoms of neurosis in women require attention. If it seems to you that this is a banal overwork – Record how many times a day each symptom occurs. Perhaps a sleepless night and daily irritability is more than just an autumn blues.


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