Реминерализация зубов сигнализирует об опасном заболевании желудка

Remineralization of teeth – something that many people need, regardless of age and condition of the enamel. Every day, acids penetrate the enamel protective layer, removing minerals from it. As a result, the dental tissue is deprived of the necessary minerals, a carious process is born, destroying all layers of the tooth in turn. This is a natural process that occurs in every body, with each meal, the level of minerals in tooth enamel decreases. Especially in the case of eating food with an increased amount of acids and sugar. In a healthy body, the mineral content is replenished by saliva. In case of illness, the acid-base balance is disturbed, saliva loses its restorative abilities.

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  • Remineralization of teeth – indications for the procedure
  • How does the teeth remineralization procedure work
  • How to keep healthy enamel at home – practical advice
  • Remineralization of teeth – indications for the procedure


– the appearance of any damage to the enamel, this condition increases the risk of developing caries several times. Remineralization of teeth – a process that strengthens and restores tooth enamel by enriching it with minerals and trace elements. The procedure has a positive effect on the preservation of the color of the teeth, reduces sensitivity. 

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Indications for procedure:

before filling teeth to restore enamel on the edges of cavities affected by caries, this increases the life of fillings;

  • prevention of caries development in young children, nursing and expectant mothers, the procedure strengthens the enamel;

  • at the initial stage of the appearance of caries, the affected area is saturated with a mineral composition until the problem disappears;

  • restoration of enamel luster, reduction of hypersensitivity, with erosion and hypoplasia of enamel;

  • before and after the teeth whitening procedure, to reduce the risk of caries, eliminate tooth sensitivity;

  • during orthodontic treatment;

  • when the dental tissue softens.

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The most widely used type of remineralization – fluorination. It is carried out with the help of an individual mouthguard, applying fluorine varnish to the tooth enamel. A strengthening composition is applied to each tooth, their protective features are renewed. It includes phosphorus, calcium, strontium, zinc. It is allowed to carry out manipulation every day or every other day, for a period of 7-20 days. At home, remineralization is used based on

preparations without fluorine.  How does the teeth remineralization procedure work

The procedure is prescribed after a professional cleaning of the teeth. The dentist applies a special varnish or gel to the teeth, restoring the structure of the enamel and preventing further destruction. Application takes place with the help of a kappa or a brush. All actions are painless and do not cause discomfort.


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Instagram! Depending on the individual characteristics of the condition of the tooth enamel, several procedures may be required. It is carried out by a dentist-therapist, periodontist or hygienist. Upon completion of the manipulation, the specialist will give recommendations on the use of hygiene products at home, possibly adjust the diet.

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Benefits of the procedure:

effective treatment of caries, its elimination at the first stages of development;

  • the appearance of the smile improves, the color of the teeth brightens and acquires a healthy shine;

  • tooth sensitivity is gone;

  • normalization of microflora in the
  • oral cavity.
  • How to keep healthy enamel at home – practical advice

To enrich the tooth enamel with minerals, the doctor prescribes a gel or paste. In addition, the quality of oral hygiene, a balanced diet, and the absence of bad habits mean a lot.


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Tips to support the natural process of enamel renewal:

include in your diet foods rich in phosphorus and fluorine – sea ​​fish, seafood, meat, liver, pumpkin seeds, bran;

  • Eat more calcium-rich foods – milk, kefir, yogurt, nuts, seeds, eggs;

  • during the transition of the seasons, include a vitamin complex in the menu;

  • Observe oral hygiene twice a day for at least 2 minutes;

  • rinse mouth with clean water;

  • reduce sweets and carbonated drinks;

  • Get in the habit of drinking juice from a straw.

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Remineralization of teeth at home

includes special strengthening products based on marine minerals and plant extracts. The massage of the gums, which is carried out with a certain type of toothbrushes, also has a positive effect. 

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