Как приучить ребёнка чистить зубы

Daily oral care is an integral part of every person's personal hygiene. And it is very important to teach children how to properly care for the oral cavity from a very young age. Here, parents should show by example how to brush their teeth and explain to the child that oral hygiene is very important. Sometimes, parents can't convince a child to brush their teeth, then it can turn into a serious problem.

Today's Edition  estet-portal will tell you how to teach your child to brush teeth properly, making him interested. 

The first teeth of a child

begin to erupt at the age of about six months. And as soon as they appear, you need to start caring for the oral cavity. Pharmacies sell special finger tips for

teeth cleaning

for children, as well as a special toothpaste labeled 0+. Subscribe to our page on Instagram


Thus, if you brush your child's teeth regularly, he will quickly get used to it.

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After one year, your baby will need their own toothbrush. When choosing it, it is important that the bristles are soft and of high quality. Choose a brush with a fun cartoon handle to keep your child interested. Before the age of two, it is important to set an example for children. The parent should tell the child that
oral hygiene

is very important and that kids, like adults, should observe it.
How to teach your child about oral hygiene After the age of two, there comes a period when the child should be taught to brush their teeth consciously. Take your child and stand in front of the bathroom mirror, give him his toothbrush, put your hand over the baby’s hand and help direct the movements in the right direction so that the child remembers. After the procedure, ask the child to rinse his mouth and check the cleanliness of the oral cavity. If the teeth are not cleaned well, brush again.

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It is important not to forget about regularity and always control the process so that My default imagecaries

does not develop. If
the child

resists, does not want to brush his teeth himself, you should continue to do it yourself, never scold or rush the baby, this will only make it worse and more difficult. To make the process fun and exciting, let your child choose their own toothbrush and toothpaste. Turn oral hygiene into a game with your child's favorite toys and let everyone participate in the process. 

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