Советы логопеда, как научить ребенка выговаривать «р»

Toddler speech not pronouncing the letter "r", as well as hissing and whistling sounds, – sounds cute, childishly funny. This is a common phenomenon when children distort words in a funny way. Many parents do not see this as bad, let the situation take its course. Up to 5-6 years, the problem does not require intervention, since the speech apparatus is being formed. But it happens that even after 6 years the child speaks indistinctly, and then the parents panic. The sound «r» – the most difficult to pronounce letter in the world. The problem is not in a short frenulum, as previously thought, speech therapists have more than 25 types of violations.

estet-portal.com will tell how to teach a child to pronounce «r», will give examples of exercises for training speech.

  • How to teach your child to pronounce "r" – 5 basic rules
  • Exercises for the correct production of the sound "r"
  • Recommendations for the correct organization of lessons
How to teach a child to pronounce "p" – 5 basic rules

At the beginning of the issue – how to teach a child to pronounce «p», the help of a speech therapist is required. It will help to correctly determine the reason why the baby does not utter a sound. The method of working with the child depends on this, how exactly to help him. After finding out the reason, you can immediately begin to perform articulation gymnastics. 

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Here are 5 tips for aspiring speech therapist mom: Sound «p» – vibrant in Russian speech – when pronouncing, the tongue tenses, it is located almost immediately behind the upper row of teeth. The passage of air between the upper teeth and the tongue produces the sound "r". This is a complex sound, so teaching the baby to pronounce it correctly will not work right away. Be patient!

2. No pressure. Do not force him to study, citing the fact that he does not speak well. Come up with a motivation so that the child enjoys working with his mother.

3. Proper rewards. If you motivate your daughter or son with sweets, then nothing will come of it. This process is laborious, both from the side of muscle tension and nervous. Say that you will give him candy if he correctly says the word – not properly. Sound production will take 2 months.

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4. Encourage.

Explain that everything will not work out at once, the process of practice and learning is gradual. Training of correct speech begins at birth, gradually babies train the articulatory apparatus. My default image

5. Praise. For minimal success, achieving – tell your child that he is doing well and doing everything right. You can regularly record lessons on camera, so you can more easily understand if
is progress.
Exercises for the correct production of the sound "p"

Initially set the motto – patience.
Tune in that the kid in the first lesson will not demonstrate miracles from the benefits of the lessons. Do not insist, if the explanation is accompanied by shouts, an increase in tone on your part, then you will not see success.

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Try this set of exercises:
• download
– ask the child to imitate the sounds of a galloping horse, tsok-tsok, while only the tongue moves, you can arrange distillations or who claps louder;
• draw
– the mouth is closed, the lips spread in a smile, the child draws with his tongue in the sky, the inside of the lip, the tongue – tassel;
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• accordion

– the tongue is tightly pressed against the palate, the baby opens and closes his mouth without moving his tongue, imitating playing the harmonica;

My default image• blow
– open your mouth, smiling at the same time, place your tongue on your upper lip and try to blow off a speck of dust from your nose, without moving your lower jaw;
• we score
– smiling, open your mouth, ask the child to tap the tongue all over the mouth, imagine that the tongue is a hammer;
• we score the ball
– lips with a tube, cheeks do not puff out, try to blow the ball into the
imitated goal.

Recommendations for the correct organization of lessons When the child masters and successfully completes the exercises, proceed to new, more difficult lessons. Smile alternately, open and close your mouth, touch your upper teeth with a sharp tongue. Pronounce the letter "d", the main – Open your mouth wide and stretch your lips as much as possible.

When the letter "d"
is pronounced clearly, move on. Find a ball probe, this is a device for speech therapy classes, and a cotton swab. Ask the child to do the first exercise in combination with a stick. Set it near the tip of the tongue, starting to drive in different directions. Do it quickly so that the sound chatter comes out. This contributes to the production of a mechanical sound "p".

After doing the mash for 2 weeks, the "p" sound is likely to will appear more clearly. Then add "a" to it. It's too early to put them together. It turns out a chatterbox from «p» and "a".

Now draw. For example, draw a road that is hidden behind the barriers – mountains, stones, trees. To get to the end point, the baby needs to independently move his finger along the road, pronouncing the sound "rrrrrr" as best as possible. When taking a break for a breath, put a plus sign in the place where he interrupted the growl. Perform regularly until everything expensive is clean, without pluses.

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It takes a lot of effort to teach a child to pronounce "r",

. Upon successful achievement of the desired sound – automate its pronunciation. There is a special list of words for automating the "p" sound. It is easy to find it on the Internet. Important – constantly communicate with the child, do not leave him alone with toys, doing important things.
Attention – the key to the success of any business.

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