Свежее дыхание: какие продукты помогут добиться естественным путем

Bad breath repels the interlocutor. To solve the problem, there are a variety of special aerosols and rinses. The products are effective, but at the same time, not everyone has the opportunity and desire to buy breath fresheners. Affordable food products will always come to the rescue, which have justified people's trust with a positive result and are effectively used in traditional medicine.

The editors of estet-portal.com provide a list of products that will give you fresh breath. They will help get rid of the odor after eating or drinking alcohol, but remember that a constant bad smell in the mouth speaks about diseases of a dental nature or other ailments.

Fresh breath: water and citrus fruits to help
Spices and herbs to help get fresh breath 
Probiotics, vegetables and apples will cope with bad breath
What else helps freshen breath

Fresh breath: water and citrus to help

The most affordable remedy in the fight for fresh breath – This is water. Dehydration of the body leads to the fact that there is dryness in the oral cavity. There is less saliva, and yet its task – It is to resist the growth of bacteria. Decreased saliva leads to bad breath, so drink more water and rinse your mouth with it throughout the day.

Follow our page on Instagram! You should also pay attention to vitamin C, which is found in large quantities in citrus fruits. It overcomes bacteria, preventing bad smell. To feel the freshness of breath, drink freshly squeezed orange juice or eat any citrus. In addition, these products help to eliminate toxins.

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Spices and herbs will help you get fresh breath

Almost all herbs and spices have a beneficial effect on the oral cavity, freshening the breath. The most relevant to overcome an unpleasant odor is to use:

• eucalyptus, which contains cineole, which has an antibacterial and antiseptic effect;

• parsley contains a green pigment that regulates the acid-base balance of the oral cavity;

• cinnamon oil eliminates germs that cause bad breath;

• fennel has a pleasant aroma, and its seeds are used in India to freshen breath.

A bay leaf will help you quickly freshen your breath
, which is enough to chew for a few seconds. Peppermint tea will give a feeling of freshness in the mouth for a long period.

Probiotics, veggies and apples will help with bad breath Sour-milk products, which are called probiotics, also prevent bad breath. Their positive effect is due to a decrease in the level of hydrogen sulfide, which promotes the growth of bacteria in the mouth. Yogurt or kefir will help freshen your breath, but ideally choose natural products, without dyes and preservatives. These products include: cucumbers, carrots and broccoli.Get

fresh breath
apples will also help, which not only increase salivation, but also effectively clean tooth enamel. Take an apple with you to work if you have to negotiate. ndash;

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What else will help freshen your breath

There are many options to overcome bad breath at home, among the effective ones there are the following: • whole-grain bread, which fights the formation of organic compounds that provoke an unpleasant odor; • green tea containing flavonoids that prevent the growth of pathogens on the teeth; • fiber improves bowel function, because a malfunction in its work also leads to an unpleasant odor in the oral cavity;

• a decoction of wormwood will help freshen your breath, and regularly rinse your mouth with it for 20 days, then you will forget about bad breath.

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Fresh breath not only attracts the interlocutor, but also indicates careful oral care, and this is a positive trait of a person. Using affordable products, you can forget about bad breath. But in this way, you will mask the problem, and the right treatment and consultation with a doctor will help eliminate it. >
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