Тренировка для памяти и внимания: 5 эффективных упражнений и полезные советы

Good memory and  attentiveness — very important and valuable skills. This is  the ability to quickly notice the most important thing, and the ability to remember what was said the first time, and the ability to easily navigate even in an unfamiliar place. But how to be, if all sorts of little things are completely forgotten, and with mindfulness in general is a disaster? Exit one — train! And we will show you what exercises you need to do in order to train memory and attention easily and be effective.

5 simple exercises that will help develop memory and improve attention

Good news for starters — The possibilities of human memory are endless. While still in the womb, the baby can already remember voices and melodies. And & nbsp; if you & nbsp; constantly forget something, then & nbsp; it simply means that the subject of memorization is not interesting or necessary for you. The brain saves energy and forms neural connections only if it "sees"  this is a necessity. So, you can unsuccessfully cramming English for years, and once in a foreign country, quickly learn it in two months.

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Memory and attention can and be trained and there will definitely be progress. Why is it believed that after the age of 40, memory and the ability to concentrate deteriorate? Yes because by this age we are entering a band of stability — Diplomas were received, at work everything was as if it was knurled, the children grew up. There is nothing to learn, there are no new tasks and challenges, and the ability to remember is degrading. Hence the important conclusion — memory and attention training is impossible without learning something new. It is not necessary, although very useful, to learn a new language or the basics of quantum physics. You can simply do the following simple exercises every day.

Be mindful of your surroundings

Before going outside set a goal — memorize the addresses/location/name of the three stores. Returning, "check" task completion. For the next day, remember other stores, or slightly change the route. Make tasks more difficult, memorize what product is displayed in showcase or what is shown on advertising banner at entrance.


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Replay what you see (game of matches)

Throw a few matches or any other small items on the table. See how they fell, and turning away, try to restore the order in memory. You can even draw a diagram on paper and compare whether you remember everything correctly. Make the task more difficult by increasing the number of items.

Learn poems

Not in vain in the school curriculum, much attention was paid to memorizing text fragments. This is a great and simple exercise, during which new neural connections are formed. Learn 2–3 verses per week, gradually increasing the size of the piece.

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Make up stories

Instead of writing a shopping list, think of a story, such as a prince who rode off to get all the necessary items in a neighboring kingdom. Fill this fairy tale with details and unexpected plot twists. If it turned out without a list to buy everything you need — Great! Make sure there is a new story each time.

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Don do nothing

Make it a rule not to be in a state of doing nothing. This is detrimental not only to memory, but to intelligence in general. Are you stuck in a traffic jam? Name 20 female names, then male names, then birds, then car brands, etc. Are you going to subway? Close your eyes and mentally remember everyone sitting opposite: what they are wearing, what they are doing, what color the shoes of the second from the right... Come up with tasks and puzzles for yourself, this is much more useful than surfing the internet or mindlessly listening to songs on radio.

Memory & attention training with online games

Attitude towards computer games in society is wary. This is partly due to the fact that gamers, addicted to games, are rapidly losing social skills and go headlong into the virtual world. However, computer games can be useful. Main — play correct.

The effect of online games on memory and the ability to make quick decisions has been noticed for a long time. After a series of experiments, the experts confirmed that gamers orient themselves faster, choose the right solution and in general, better concentrate on the task. They have a well-developed hippocampus — part of the brain responsible for memory and attention. What is the secret? As already mentioned, the brain more easily remembers what is interesting. Cram integrals — not interesting, but crushing monsters with a laser gun — very even.

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In the future, games are expected to help in the treatment of patients with Alzheimer's, dementia, depression, autism and a number of other diseases. According to the most daring assumptions, already in the next decade, a new industry — digital medicine. Certain games will be prescribed as pills.

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Even now, memory and attention training with the help of online simulators is available to everyone. Remember the game "Memory", which was popular on the old push-button phones. This is a classic simulator for the development of memory and spatial orientation. Just like Mahjong, search for differences and  lost items. With the help of games, you can develop the necessary skills, the main condition — task completion (don leave halfway if it does come out) and continual complication of tasks.

What foods will help improve brain performance

There is one important point that many people miss when developing mental abilities. Training memory and attention requires energy, just like physical training. The neurons responsible for the formation of memories and knowledge are formed from a protein. And building new connections requires energy — glucose. This means that a strict diet can significantly reduce the effectiveness of any exercise for the development of intelligence.

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Maintain high mental productivity with complex carbohydrates, fatty acids, antioxidants, and iron.Make sure your diet contains whole grains, nuts, oily fish, vegetables and fruits.Yes, everything that and should be in the menu of any person who takes care of their health. If you adhere to the principles of proper nutrition, then your brain gets enough energy, and you  memory and attention.

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Scientists have proven that neural connections can form at any age. And constantly learning something new, solving puzzles and memorizing beautiful poems, we become smarter, more attentive, more restrained. Drive away boredom and inactivity, training memory and attention — it's interesting and  useful. And most importantly, it will be the best prevention of negative age-related deterioration, such as forgetfulness, absent-mindedness, inattention.


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