Как возбудить девушку в постели: лучшие эрогенные точки у женщин

Does your woman not enjoy sex? Perhaps you neglect high-quality foreplay or simply do not know how to excite a woman in the right way. After all, the female body – like a musical instrument that needs to be skillfully "tuned" before the act of love for a beautiful "game" that will bring pleasure to both sides of the process.

For this, there is a whole list of erogenous zones in women. With the right stimulation, erogenous points in women bring them excitement and guaranteed pleasure.

Don't know where to look for them and how to influence them? Read the estet-portal.com article about where they are located and how to stimulate them.

Professional opinion on how to get a woman: a list of erogenous zones in women

Erogenous points in women – one of the main topics for sexologists who help women who do not enjoy sexual intercourse. They distinguish two types of erogenous zones of a woman – primary and secondary.

Primary erogenous zones will be named by any man, since they are directly related to the physiology of the female body.

Primary erogenous zones include:

  • Clit
  • Labia minora
  • Vagina
  • Chest

These areas contain an incredible number of nerve endings, which, when skillfully stimulated, provide pleasure and higher arousal until the peak of pleasure is reached.  

However, be limited to primary erogenous zones – unforgivable for men.

Firstly, by doing so you deprive your lady of the widest range of sensations, ignoring dozens of other erogenous points. Secondly, if you have ever wondered how to excite a woman correctly, you know that it is often impossible to start foreplay right away with stimulation, for example, of the clitoris, if the girl is basically “not warmed up”.

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So you should always remember and pay attention to secondary erogenous zones, which include individual parts of the body with an acquired reaction, the impact on which causes excitation.
That is, if the primary erogenous zones in all women are normally the same, then the secondary ones can vary greatly. For example, one girl may go crazy from biting her earlobe, while another will only be annoyed by it.

Secondary erogenous zones may include:

  • Lips
  • Whisky and/or cheeks
  • Earlobes
  • Neck and/or back of head
  • Belly
  • Back
  • Buttocks
  • Inner thighs
  • Area at the bends of the elbows or knees
  • Fingers and toes

эрогенные зоны у женщин

How to turn a woman on by properly influencing women's erogenous points

In fact, there are many more options in the secondary list of erogenous zones in women, of course. This is very individual and needs to be tested. Perhaps your passion will be delighted with kisses on the lower back, licking the navel or a gentle breath along the spine?

Voluptuousness in a lady can wake up from gentle kisses on the eyelids and whiskey. A very common erogenous object – ears. No wonder they say that women love with their ears. Gentle kisses or light biting may well lead a girl into a thrill of love.

You can safely try to kiss your neck and shoulders more passionately (and even bite lightly). Then you can try to use your back, or you can immediately go to the chest and stomach.

как завести девушку

Without ignoring the chest (there is a huge scope for creative actions), go down smoothly to the stomach and navel. Lips, tongue, hands – everything can be used. Just remember that if your girlfriend is ticklish, then this is a risk zone.

Do not rush from the navel immediately to the caresses of the genitals – better pay attention to the lower abdomen and pubis. An agonizing but sweet expectation often excites more than even subsequent oral caresses. Don't forget the buttocks and inner thighs – this is the most powerful erogenous zone in many women.

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You can sweat the lady a little more while waiting for the "dessert" and caress more of her legs and feet. Gentle strokes or a light massage (you can massage each finger) will certainly be favorably received as a sign that you know how to excite a woman in the right way.

Why the list of erogenous zones in women can change or even “fall asleep”

I'm sure you have already realized from the previous sections of the article that women's erogenous points are very individual. And not only the points themselves, but also the methods of their stimulation. After all, you can kiss the buttocks – and the woman will not feel anything, but you can bite them or lightly slap – and suddenly it will excite the lady.

A skillful lover is just distinguished by the desire to look for such zones and try different methods of influence on them in an attempt to give a woman the highest pleasure. It is these men who are most appreciated by women in bed, and not by owners of large sizes or "marathon runners."  

Of course, a woman should also help her man in this difficult but pleasant business, directing him to her most sensitive parts of the body and describing her feelings from various stimulation.

Sexologists also remind that women's erogenous points can be as changeable as their owners themselves. The list of erogenous zones in women can change dramatically after various significant events in life – pregnancy and childbirth, breastfeeding, menopause, acute stressful situation, hormonal changes.
They can change even if you change your regular sexual partner. For example, what was pleasurable with one man may not be exciting or even disgusting with another.

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And in general, the sensitivity of erogenous zones directly depends on the emotional state of a woman at the moment. So, if a woman is tired or worried, irritated, cannot relax due to adverse external conditions (children or parents behind the wall, extraneous noise, fear of getting pregnant, stressful thoughts about tomorrow, etc.), then no matter how hard she tries man, she is unlikely to be aroused. The brain is always the main one and, alas, it is not always possible to turn it off at the right moment.

So, men, be attentive to your woman and the reasons for her mood, take care of a favorable environment for sexual pleasures and create such conditions for your beloved, in which she can forget about everything except the joint search for pleasure. Learn how to excite a girl in bed, look for erogenous zones together and have fun!

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