Deep work: что это и как может помочь в жизни и в работе

Working 24/7 and responding to emails instantly doesn't mean you're a productive person. And staying up late at work does not equate to the effectiveness of this very work.

Now it is fashionable to say that you need to work not for 12 hours, but with your head – this quote is attributed to Steve Jobs. And that's right – new technologies require new approaches to life and work. One of these newfangled approaches – deep work.

Do you want to achieve stunning results in work (or any other activity) without leaving the working day? Then welcome to the full immersion in deep work with!

What is deep work and what is its efficiency 

To make it easier to understand what we are talking about, remember another fashionable concept today – the state of flow that everyone strives to enter. If very briefly and superficially, then this is a state when any business goes well and any work literally argues in the hands, and inspiration soars to the skies, bringing a feeling of deep satisfaction with oneself and one's occupation.

Entering the flow state is impossible without deep diving – it's deep work.

This concept, which came from the business West, means that you are so deeply immersed in work that you can redo a lot of things without being distracted by any external factors and without losing productivity all day.

American computer science professor and self-improvement fashion blogger Cal Newport even wrote an entire book called – "Deep work".

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For example, remember situations when you were so carried away by some business that you even forgot to eat on time, not to mention being distracted by social networks, a smoke break or a cup of coffee with colleagues. That's it – maximum concentration with no distractions!

Remember all your usual distractions: social media and instant messenger alerts, unimportant emails, smoke breaks and tea parties for fresh gossip, etc. Many people are not familiar with the concept of personal discipline at all, which is noticeably reflected in their work and life in general. After all, how can you build a successful career or succeed in any business if you put off a task for a few days that you can complete in a couple of hours if you don’t get distracted and don’t procrastinate?

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But with full immersion, a person's cognitive abilities reach their possible limit, and any task becomes possible.

This is easily explained from a neuroscience point of view. When a person is focused on one specific task, one or another part of the brain is actively working. And the more a person is concentrated, the more intensively and effectively this area functions. That is, a better result is achieved in less time.

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If a person is constantly distracted, the process of brain work becomes chaotic, the quality of work drops, and the person feels tired and irritated. The brain needs time to switch between tasks. The more often he has to do this, the faster and more he gets tired and the more difficult it is to concentrate on each subsequent task. That's why it's so hard to get back to work after checking your social media feed.

Tips on how to start practicing deep work

All analysts agree that in the coming decades, automation will eliminate dozens of jobs, and only the most productive and creative employees will remain on the horse. Valuable personnel will be considered those who quickly adapt to new complex processes and achieve high results with lightning speed. Without deep work, this is simply impossible, so it's better to start training now.

Top 10 Habits for Success

Catch some tips for beginners in deep work.

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1.    Pay attention to what time of day you are most effectiveout. There is no ideal daily routine for everyone, and the banal division into larks and owls is already losing relevance. Accordingly, plan your day so that you complete the most important tasks during the time periods when your productivity is at its peak.

2.    Try to be inaccessible to the outside world during periods of peak productivityand. Of course, it is more difficult to explain to the authorities than to colleagues why it is better not to touch you from 14.00 to 16.00 (for example). However, your arguments that in this way you will be able to do the job better and faster, it may well convince any boss.

3.    In continuation of the previous paragraph – the outside world is often not limited to office colleagues. Gadgets – those still cunning thieves of time. Therefore, in order to create conditions for maximum concentration, turn off the sound on your phone, close the tabs with social networks and news resources, or better, completely remove all possible gadgets from your field of vision, if possible.

4.    Life hack, so as not to miss an important call or meeting due to deep immersion in workotu. Decide how much time you plan to devote to a particular task and set a timer as well as an alarm.

5.    If social networks – your main cause of procrastination, you need to fight it. First, analyze which sites you visit most often and how much time you spend there per day. You will most likely be shocked. Make a plan for how much time per day you allow yourself to use social networks without compromising work. Install one of the special applications that block access to social networks during prohibited periods of time (you install them yourself).

Actually, deep work techniques are not at all difficult to perform. Many people follow them without realizing it and making others admire their productivity. Usually they say about such people: “And how does he manage to do everything if there are only 24 hours in a day?”.

If you want to hear such admiring feedback about yourself, just start following the tips above. Before you have time to look back, how deep immersion in any business will become your integral habit, and you yourself will be amazed at how much you can do and what success you are capable of!

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