Как делать уроки: стоит ли родителям помогать ребенку

Homework – The process is inevitable, but very useful. Psychologists and teachers all unanimously claim that devoting at least 1.5-2 hours a day to solving mathematical problems, studying grammar rules, reading books or something else, the child consolidates all the knowledge that he receives at school .

Besides, he is learning to be organized and independent. And also "homework" helps the kid to master an important skill that will be useful to him in adulthood. This is information structuring.

But the parents who sent their child to first grade are trying to help him with his homework. And some even do it for him, refreshing some knowledge from the school curriculum.

So is it worth helping a little schoolboy in everything or can he handle it himself? The editors of the online publication will try to give you an answer to this question and share some tips on how to do homework with your child correctly.

1. Parents: what role should they play in the learning process
2. Why parents shouldn't help their child with "homework"
3. How to do homework with your child correctly

Parents: what role should they play in the learning process

To show hyper-custody and to do homework for the child is in no case necessary, as well as completely withdraw from help. We need a middle ground here.

When it comes to doing homework and the student does not yet know how to do homework, parents should teach him to do this part of the educational process without outside help, that is, to be independent not only in doing "homework" ;, but also in other important aspects of life.

Mom and dad also have another important task to do – teach your child to focus on the important, not to miss the details, and also to take school seriously.

Both the child and his learning process need to be given sufficient attention. Otherwise, the child will be distracted from lessons by toys, cartoons and other "things".

The main role of parents – it is to instill in your child the ability for independent learning and work, to teach him to show interest in acquiring new knowledge, and also to form motivation for learning.

Of course, it is difficult for a first grader or a first grader at first. Therefore, before how to do homework, you need to help your child adapt to a new stage of life called "school". It is necessary for the child to understand that this is an important period, which determines whether he will work as a doctor, a policeman or someone else in the future.

When a child enters the first grade, the participation of his relatives in doing homework should be mandatory. But to help him develop the skills for learning and discipline, and not do everything for him.

Then, the participation of parents in the learning process should be gradually reduced. And by the 5th grade, the child should do homework completely independently, without prompting from other people.

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Why parents shouldn't help their child with "homework"

As we mentioned above, the main goal of the ancestors is to teach their child to do tasks on his own, and not sit around him all evening, control him, and even more so do his homework for him.

If you do not teach your child to do homework on their own, they will stop doing it altogether, hoping for your help. But by rendering him a "disservice", you deprive him of the most important – gaining leadership experience. The student will grow up as a performer who does not plan his actions, but hopes for the help of other people.

By interfering with the natural process, collecting a child's briefcase, and even more so by rushing and scolding him for his mistakes, you thereby discourage him from learning altogether.

In addition, the child becomes passive and dependent on the parents. Dite does not know how to collect his portfolio and answer correctly in class, which is why he often gets unsatisfactory grades in his diary.

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How to do homework with your child correctly

Before doing homework on your own, a kid who has just crossed the threshold of grade 1 needs to be helped and supported in every possible way. Show him how to use tables and diagrams, and draw math problems on paper.

In addition, buy your child beautiful encyclopedias and notebooks with bright pictures. This will help him quickly master the school curriculum and love learning at school.

Also follow these guidelines:

1. Let the baby work independently. You can do your own thing at the same time.
2. Help your child only if he asks for it himself or you see that the task is beyond his power.
3. After completing each homework be sure to check it. And if you find any mistakes, show them to your child.
4. Don't pack a first-grader's bag. Rather help him make a list of the right notebooks, books, pens, and other school supplies so he can pack his bag himself.

Parents have the right to decide for themselves whether or not to help their child with homework. But here it is important not to go from one extreme to another, that is, you cannot be both overprotective and indifferent to the school life of your child.

In the first case, you can deprive him of complete independence, which will not have the best effect in the future.

And in the second – the child will completely get out of hand and lose interest in learning. Therefore, the best solution – teach the kid independence and help him only in emergency cases, when homework is too difficult for him.

Giving your child the opportunity to study independently, you will thereby grow him into a self-sufficient, confident and harmonious person who will achieve a lot in life on his own.

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