Как составить и произносить позитивные аффирмации

Positive affirmations have earned a controversial reputation: someone is skeptical of  the words "I young and beautiful", someone firmly believes in the power of positive thinking. You can understand how such installations work only on your own experience. At the same time, it is worth remembering that positive affirmations — it's a tool. The result will depend on how you know how to work with it. The editorial staff of estet-portal.com tells you about the power of affirmations and shares tips on how to use them correctly and turn yourself to good.

What you need to know about positive affirmations: how they work

What is stopping you from reaching your goals? Most likely, you will name dozens of serious reasons that prevent you from finding a good job, becoming happier in relationships, going on a trip, buying a house by the sea and much more. However, the most important obstacle on the path to a better life — this is the person himself, and or rather — his doubts and difficulties in himself.

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Thoughts and words have been proven to shape our thinking and affect the well-being. For example, remember how uncomfortable you felt before speaking in public. Many feel real fear, although there is no real danger. But  thoughts of failure drown out rational arguments, as a result of a cold sweat breaks through a person and heartbeat quickens.

The way a person thinks affects not only his health, but and the way the way his life develops. Our brain is very selective and focuses on what is important to us at the moment. Everything that he considers superfluous is discarded or forgotten. Unfortunately, we don not help him at all when we focus on the negative side of life. Our subconscious begins to intensively look for confirmation of this in the outside world. It is not in vain that they say that trouble does not come alone. It turns out that failures attract failures and you can get out of this only by changing your way of thinking.

This is where affirmations can come in handy, which will help you tune in to positive thinking and change your life.

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Affirmations (from affirmatio — confirmation) — these are short phrases containing a positive attitude. When repeated many times, they can change the train of thought and contribute to positive changes in life.

For example, "I love myself", "My life is full of abundance", "I have a healthy body", "I let luck into my life".

With the help of positive affirmations, a person concentrates on certain thoughts and works with his subconscious mind, which takes at face value what is said to him. In turn, the subconscious gives a signal to the brain that this is important, it needs to be worked on, and the brain begins to look for ways to achieve important goals.

Positive affirmations: how to pronounce it correctly

Of course, affirmations — these are not magic pills. It's not enough to say "I thin" and continue to eat pies and buns, hoping for the power of the word. So it doesn work.

In order for affirmations to be beneficial, and not harmful, it is necessary to observe 4 important conditions:

  1. Believe what you say.You may want to be a millionaire, but the thought makes you sorry and skeptical. After such phrases, you return to a reality that doesn doesn comply with your dreams. And & nbsp; your brain is lost in front of such a global task and & nbsp; procrastinates. In this case, you need to start with a smaller goal, for example, “I have a promising job with a good salary.” or "I opened my own business and have a great income." Only say what you are ready to believe.

  2. Don't say affirmations in the future tense.This way you constantly postponing the fulfillment of your desires to the future and helping yourself to act now. Say "I have a a life a joyful life  not   I want I to have a joyful life».

  3. Say affirmations every day, at least twice a day in a quiet environment.Spend a few minutes with positive attitudes in the morning and before bedtime, focus on what you say. You can speak out loud, in front of a mirror, you can write them down on a piece of paper, visualize (imagine or cut out pictures from magazines) and combine all these methods. The more persistently you prove yourself in pronunciation of affirmations, the more seriously your subconscious mind will take your desires.

  4. Get ready to act. Without this, real changes cannot be achieved, and words will remain words. Affirmations help you become more confident in yourself, set you up for positive moments, and focus your attention on the outside world. Don't miss the opportunities and clues you will notice all around you.

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Positive affirmations: how to make

There are ready-made examples of positive affirmations. You can take examples from Louise Hay's book Heal Your Life, Your Body, where she gives over 200 short phrases for all areas of life.

But you can compose and write your own phrases that will help your specific situation. How to create your own effective formula for positive attitudes:

  1. First, figure out what really matters to you.Set a specific and realistic goal.

  2. Write a short affirmation that will be easy to remember.You can write it down, hang it in a conspicuous place and complement it with a picture for better visualization.

  3. Avoid the "not" particle.

    Your phrase should be positive and assertive. For example, replace "I don't want to be sick" with to "I healthy and full of strength."

  4. Compose phrases in the present, not future.
  5. Come up with affirmations that will not cause rejection or irony in you.
  6. You must believe what you say. If you're having a hard time believing that you can become rich, say to yourself, "I'm open to success and new opportunities."

  7. Say affirmations every day and be prepared to take action.
  8. Use the power of visualization and write down your phrases on paper.
  9. Avoid overly general or inflated statements.
  10. For example, "I want to be the most beautiful" it is impossible and may harm you.

    If you have a big and impossible goal,
  11. break it into parts and come up with each of your own positive attitudes.
  12. Don't focus on the result of your actions, but on the qualities you need to achieve your cherished desires:
  13. "I can do it", "I persist" , "I can spot opportunities."

Revisiting the Benefits of Positive Affirmations

If you use affirmations every day, then they can change not only the course of our thoughts, mood and look at the world. Positive attitudes help to see the hidden opportunities that are in each of us and around us. With proper application and perseverance, affirmations help reprogram your brain and body for success. Their  secret is that they make us not just formulate our goals and desires, but and think how to achieve it.

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