Учёные обнаружили 38 малоизвестных фактов о человеческом теле

There are many interesting and unknown things in the world. Despite the fact that scientists every day manage to make new discoveries, replenish their stock of knowledge and explain how the world works, there are still many mysteries to be solved in the future. And the human body in this case is no exception. We know how the body works, but so far we do not understand all the mechanisms of its work.

In addition, there are many interesting facts about the human body that few people know. Estet-portal.com decided to share these facts with its readers.

Little known facts about the human body that will blow your mind

The amazing design that the human body is, thought out to the smallest detail. The facts about the human body, which we invite you to familiarize yourself with, will help you understand how much interesting things happen in the body and how amazing it is.

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1. On average, a person passes gases 14 times a day (minimum 2 times).

2. Every hour we "reset" about 600 000 particles of skin, and by the age of 70 the total weight of these particles is approximately 47 kg.


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3. The respiratory rate slows down with age. During rest, a person takes approximately 12 & ndash; 15 breaths and exhalations.

4. The nose and ears grow throughout life.

5. 80% of the brain – water.

6. In order not to digest itself, the stomach generates a new mucous membrane every 3 days.

7. Eye Resolution – 576 megapixels.

8. A quarter of the oxygen and nutrients in the body is used by the brain.

9. Around the age of 60, 60% of men and 40% of women begin to snore.

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10. A healthy person produces almost 200 billion red blood cells per day.

11. With age, a person sweats less.


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12. Not only fingerprints are unique, but also the "pattern" in language.

13. There is enough iron in the body to make a 7.5 cm long nail.

14. In the morning you are taller than in the evening (during the day the spine is compressed).

15. Another interesting fact about the human body is that we are born with 350 bones, then some bones grow together, an adult has 206.

16. 10% of a person's weight is bacteria and 14% is bone.

17. The red blood cell can "swim across" the whole body in 20 seconds.

18. Children are born without kneecaps. They are formed from the age of two.

19. There are 250 million cells in a drop of blood.

20. Fingerprints appear on the fetus in the third month.

21. A healthy liver can filter 720 liters of blood a day.

22. Heartbeat – it is the sound made by the closing valves of the heart.


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23. For 15-20 seconds after the separation of the head from the body, the person is conscious.

24. Human height is determined not by genes, but by growth hormone.

25. When sneezing, a person accelerates the air to a speed of 166 km / h.

26. The heart of women beats faster than men.

27. After death, the body begins to shrink, which creates the illusion of growth of nails and hair.

28. After overeating, a person's hearing becomes dull (an interesting fact about the human body that can be useful in life).

29. An adult human consists of approximately 7 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 atoms.

30. Belching in space is not possible due to the lack of gravity that separates gas and water in the stomach.

31. Hair grows fastest in the beard.


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32. The cold improves memory and concentration.

33. The most durable substance of the body – tooth enamel.

34. A person glows in the dark, but the bioluminescent glow is so weak that the human eye cannot see it.

35. Without saliva, you will not feel the taste.

36. Blinking activates more than 200 muscles.

37. If it comes into contact with the skin, the gastric juice will burn a hole in it.

38. You can't tickle yourself.

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