Как первая любовь влияет на последующие отношения: любит — не любит

Romantic notes in class, Valentine's Day cards, first walks by the hand and timid kisses on the cheek. These words evoke warm memories and a smile for everyone. In adolescence, when boys begin to be friends with girls, pulling a pigtail does not mean harmfulness, but develops into a manifestation of sympathy. And of course, these first feelings do not always bring exceptionally pleasant excitement. Very often, first love brings unpleasant disappointments, tears, broken hearts and nervous breakdowns, which are difficult for a teenager to deal with.

The editors of estet-portal decided to consider the topic of the first relationship in the future. We will tell you how first love affects the next relationship.

Heightened emotionality of our first love experience

First love, most often, is built on strong emotional feelings. This is the first attempt to trust a person, to tell more than others know, to find moral support in the person of a loved one, to overcome difficulties together and make the first important decisions together. In the first relationship, there is an understanding that there are two of you and you are against everyone. You are taking care of someone for the first time, and you feel that someone is taking care of you (not of a parental nature). Teenage selfishness fades into the background.

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The very first experience of real sincere feelings stays with you forever and subsequent relationships, no matter how you want, you will always compare with the experience of first love.

How the type of the ideal partner is formed in the first relationship

First relationships help you understand the kind of person you want. You not only study the characteristics of a person, but also understand your personal preferences.

Psychological Growing Up: What It Means to Be an Adult

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First love helps you decide which traits you like and which — unacceptable for your partner. Of course, this does not mean that all your life you will meet exclusively with green-eyed brunettes of 185 height and 100% each of your next men will be a double of the first guy. But it is possible that your next partner will be similar in type to the previous one.

Dramatic ending of the first relationship or why it is important to complete what you started in the right way

Very often, the first relationship ends in a global quarrel, when both parties throw mud at their opponent in every possible way. If you do not end the relationship by putting a logical point in them, after each quarrel with the next partner, you will return to the previous experience and that unfinished dialogue will cause you regret. Of course, not every young man and not every girl can sit down and calmly discuss all issues so that there is no sediment left. But it's still worth learning. This will be useful in resolving conflict situations in the future.

Girls' transitional age

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First love
— the first valuable experience of building romantic relationships with the opposite sex. This is a completely new close interaction with a person, where you try to understand each other, show love and care, do something for someone else. You experience emotions that you will never forget. Everyone takes something important from the first relationship. And if you think for a second about how your first love affected you, you might even be surprised.

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