Здоровье зубов: почему яблоки портят зубы

You must have heard more than once: “To have a beautiful snow-white smile you need to eat apples”. But this belief is not true. Yes, these fruits can be good for your body, but not for your teeth. Scientists have proven that apples affect dental health four times more than sugary soda!

Why apples are not healthy? How do other foods affect teeth? What habits should be avoided to improve dental health? What should you do to keep your teeth healthy? The estet-portal editors are ready to answer these questions.

Effect of apples on dental health

There is a popular myth that the acid contained in apples is great at cleaning teeth from plaque. But any acid, whatever it may be, causes demineralization of the teeth. As a result, the porosity of the dental tissue increases and the health of the teeth deteriorates.

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If you eat a small amount of foods that contain acids, this process is neutralized by the release of saliva. But with regular exposure to acids on your teeth, you can literally lose enamel. In addition, tooth sensitivity also increases and caries may develop.

How other foods affect dental health

Everyone knows that vitamin D and calcium strengthen bones, and thus have a positive effect on dental health. Milk and dairy products are rich in these components, and, accordingly, are good for teeth. This also includes citrus fruits, especially oranges.

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We should not forget that these fruits contain acid that can destroy dental tissue. Nuts are good for teeth as they are very rich in vitamins and minerals that strengthen teeth. But excessive consumption of coffee can cause yellow teeth.

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Good and Bad Habits for Dental Health

In order to maintain the health of your teeth, you should pay attention to proper care:

1. You should brush your teeth twice a day: in the morning and in the evening.

2. After each meal, you can brush your teeth with mouthwash and floss.

3. Visit your dentist regularly. It is necessary to come to a consultation with a dentist every six months, even if nothing bothers you.

4. Eat a balanced diet, you already know what foods to eat very carefully.

5. Eliminate bad habits - smoking, for example, adversely affects the whiteness of the teeth and the freshness in the mouth.

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A beautiful smile and healthy teeth is what the interlocutor draws on attention first. Something that attracts and helps to win over a person. Moreover, dental health is a vital necessity, since the ability to eat depends on it.

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Achieving a beautiful smile is not so difficult. Do not eat a lot of apples and other foods that contain acids - they will destroy your enamel. Follow the rules of care and watch your diet - then your dental health is guaranteed.

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