11 полезных советов, как повысить либидо

The sex life of couples who have been together for a long time can fade somewhat. Indeed, the sharpness of sensations has already faded away and sexual relations are in crisis. You have to work on relationships, and even more so on your sex life. If you are experiencing this problem, try the tips below to help increase your libido.

Simple tips to make your sex life brighter

1. Go on dates. If you're used to spending your Saturday night watching a movie in your pajamas, we've got bad news for you: this habit kills desire. Get off the couch and take your significant other to a movie or restaurant.  

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2. Keep track of the medications you take. Some medications reduce libido. Birth control pills, drugs for hypertension or depression can suppress sexual desire. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to consult a doctor and ask him to prescribe you other drugs that do not have such side effects. 

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3. Divide the housework equally. After a hard day at work, most women expect household chores: cooking, cleaning and children (if you have them, of course). If you and your partner work the same amount of time, housework should also be divided equally. 

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4. Your bedroom should become a romantic place. If you are used to your bedroom – passage yard, do not be surprised that it is difficult for you to tune in to sex. Pets and children should sleep separately. The bedroom should become your secluded place, in which you are, as it were, protected from worries and extraneous factors that distract you from each other. 


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5. Add sex to your to-do list. This advice may seem ridiculous and not very romantic, but it doesn't make it any less effective. Set yourself up for what sex – it is as important a part of life as work, and you should not shirk it. 

6. Get rid of stress – we have sex. Kids, work, broken heel, leaky bathroom faucet – The message of this life puts pressure on the psyche. In addition, stress leads to the production of cortisol, large amounts of which kill libido. Therefore, before sex, do something that you like: take a relaxing bath, read a good book or meditate. In general, clear your mind and discard all problems. They have no place in your bed. 

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7.  Eat right. A study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that high cholesterol – interference with female orgasm and arousal. Therefore, it is worth reviewing your diet and perhaps trying a cholesterol-lowering diet. 

8. Eat aphrodisiacs. There are many foods that increase sexual desire. Surely among them you can choose something to your liking. 

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9. Analyze your relationship. Lack of sexual desire may indicate relationship problems. Perhaps you do not have enough communication with your loved one or you are so annoyed by his / her bad habits that you do not even want to have sex. Talk to your partner frankly. If you fail to solve problems together, do not rush to despair – You can try psychotherapy.  

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10. Go somewhere together.  Find a common activity that works for both of you: go to the gym, join a cooking class, go hiking, start jogging in the morning or ride a bike. This will help strengthen the emotional connection and, accordingly, increase libido. Moreover, the more unusual and active your joint hobby is, the more benefit it will bring to your sex life. 


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11. Go in for sports. To go in for sports, it is not necessary to sign up for a gym. You can run, do exercises, go to the pool, dance or aerobics. Main – physical activity. A sedentary lifestyle negatively affects not only the physical health of a person, but also his libido. 


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